Problems with Menopause? Discover Herbal Remedies

Problems with Menopause? Discover Herbal Remedies

Check out Victoria’s recommended menopause treatments with these easy and healthy herbal remedies.

It takes about five years before our bodies complete the hormonal change caused by the menopause. With the help of these natural remedies you can get through this time of change calmly and vigorously.

Make a conscious effort to enjoy your prime: in France, women in their 50s are charmingly called "a woman in full bloom" – what a delightful image! In this phase, the time that we take for ourselves becomes even more important. And don’t worry: even the symptoms can be relieved naturally!

Hot, hotter... sage!

Around 70 percent of women suffer from hot flushes. This is where an infusion of sage can help. Since plant-based cures only take effect after a long time, you should drink two cups daily over a period of three or four weeks. Black cohosh has also proved to be beneficial against hot flushes. The extract from the rootstock is a source of plant oestrogens. Acupuncture also seems to help: One study shows that placing the needles on the classic acupuncture points can relieve hot flushes.

Sleeping without counting sheep

Valerian, hops and lemon balm as well as passion flower taken as a tea or tablet can help relieve the symptoms of insomnia because they calm anxiety. A bath or body oil containing lavender can also help you to get to sleep.

Feeling a bit low?

You should try St. John’s wort. This plant relieves feelings of anxiety and stress as well as bouts of depression.

And: women who take regular exercise suffer less from stress, anxiety, depression and irritability.

Putting on the pounds? We’ll show you how to shift them!

From the age of about 45 your metabolism starts to slow down. Therefore, what we eat goes to our hips more quickly. A woman in her early 50s needs around 400 calories fewer each day than a woman in her early twenties. Low-fat milk products as protection against bone loss, pulses and warm meals such as porridge in the morning, steamed vegetables with fish or chicken and lots of apples provide us with the most important nutrients and do not make us put on weight. If you also incorporate half an hour of movement every other day into your schedule, you can lose up to five kilos in three months without too much trouble.

Where’s my balance? Ah, here it is!

The body changes and you become more sensitive. It’s hardly surprising: we may well have to deal with our children moving out and our parents needing more care. But on the other hand, we have more life experience, a greater ability to enjoy ourselves and a high level of intensity for every moment. Do things that make you feel mentally and physically good as often as possible. This could be a yoga course, an hour of autogenic training during the week, a walk every evening or singing in a choir.

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