The last taboo: why can’t we talk about a sensitive bladder?

The last taboo: why can’t we talk about a sensitive bladder?

Millions of women keep quiet about their bladder problems, but there’s no need to suffer in silence. Find out how you can live life with confidence.

No one talks about it, but one in three women suffers from a sensitive bladder. If that’s you, then you’re far from alone: you almost certainly know other women who have to deal with sudden urges for the loo or worry about leaks. So why all the embarrassment?

Bladder problems can take two forms, but there’s no shame in them: they’re both simply caused by difficulties with muscles. Stress incontinence is triggered by sudden movements such as coughing or laughter, and it’s usually caused by weakness of the pelvic floor muscles. Urge incontinence, meanwhile, is caused when a muscle that forms part of the bladder wall is overactive, making you feel you desperately need the loo.

It’s a very common physical problem, but so many women are nervous about discussing it with each other or with the doctor, causing them an unnecessary sense of shame.

So let’s drop the squeamishness about bladder sensitivity: frank discussion can help more women get the help they need to enjoy life in comfort.

How can I take control?

Your doctor can advise you on whether pelvic floor exercises or bladder training could help. Either way, Always Discreet can ensure the bladder sensitivity doesn’t get in the way of your life. It contains exclusive OdourLock technology that instantly neutralizes odours, and an absorbent core that keeps you feeling fresh and comfortable.

It’s easy to choose the right style of product for your needs, too. If you just experience a few drops or a bit of dampness, Always Discreet liners will ensure you stay dry. Our range of pads can easily cope with the occasional leakage if an unexpected cough or sneeze catches your bladder out.

For more frequent or higher-intensity leaks, there are Always Discreet pads+, with even more absorbency and full-length leak guards. And finally, for maximum comfort, the underwear has soft, high waistbands and a triple-layer core that can seal in larger leakages from sudden urges.

Visit our Always Discreet page to request a free sample

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Always Discreet Pads+

Extra protection for sensitive bladders