Eat healthy and lose weight with TCM

Eat healthy and lose weight with TCM

Learn more about TCM & its nutritional benefits which promote health and weight loss.

5:2, Glyx or raw food – when it comes to diets we know a thing or two! The conclusion from all our studies: It still has to taste good! What we’d like to show you today, is nutrition based on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

What does TCM do?

According to traditional Chinese medicine, nutrition is believed to be the key to health and well-being. The aim is to find and maintain the balance between the poles of yin and yang as, according to TCM, it is only then that people can remain healthy.

The secondary effect: TCM cuisine boosts the metabolism, which is precisely what we women past 40 need. At this point our metabolisms start to slow down. The result: It’s easier to put on weight after 40.

A large glass of hot water and a bowl of porridge for breakfast gives a kick start to our metabolism in the morning. Raw food, on the other hand, has a cooling effect on our bodies due to its thermal impact and is therefore a strain in winter.

What should be on your menu?

  • Choose some al-dente vegetables. Slow-growing varieties such as cabbage and beetroot are more suitable for TCM cuisine than fast-growing varieties, such as courgettes.
  • According to TCM, fruit compote is better for the body than raw fruit. Choose home-grown varieties rather than fruit from southern climes.
  • Make your drink of choice warm or hot water. If you like, infuse it with ginger or lemon. One or two cups each of coffee and tea per day are acceptable, but no more.
  • Give preference to rice as an accompaniment as it has a slight diuretic effect.
  • Eat a hot, cooked meal rather than a sandwich. Slow-cooked meals such as chicken or beef broth are ideal.
  • If possible, eat a small amount of pulses every day. Delicious soups and purées can be made from lentils, beans and chick peas.
  • Meat is permitted, but only in moderate amounts and preferably lean varieties such as poultry or game.

Tip: if you try following TCM as much as possible in your eating habits, you will notice a loss of a good two kilos after four weeks. Even five kilos in three months is possible, and you don’t have to starve either!

And one last tip: always remember to leave at least four hours between meals as this helps you to lose weight too!

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