Winter-Friendly Hobbies to Stay Fit and FeelGood!

Winter-Friendly Hobbies to Stay Fit and FeelGood!

Staying fit can benefit your immunity, wellbeing, & overall health- especially once you’ve hit your 50’s. Check out & enjoy these winter friendly hobbies!

Particularly once you hit your 50s, staying active not only boosts your immunity to colds and flu, but it improves your mood, too. The trick is to choose a hobby that keeps you fit without feeling like a chore – or giving you frostbite!

Take up swimming
Brilliant for improving cardiovascular fitness, swimming is a real mood booster – plus you can happily exercise in an indoor heated pool even when it’s snowing outside. Go for a simple lane swim, or try an Aquarobics or Aquazumba water dance class. Quick and easy to use, the Venus & Olay shaver will ensure you feel confident in your swimsuit at all times.

Try Nordic walking
Nordic walking uses specially designed sticks that look like ski poles. You swing your arms as you move, applying force to the poles with each stride. Great for upper body strength, it uses almost twice as much energy as normal walking. Look for a group near you – or set up one with friends.

Stretch your body
Keeping fit doesn’t have to mean breaking a sweat. Yoga, pilates and T’ai Chi will all reduce stress, keep you supple and boost your immunity to protect against sniffles. Join a local session, buy a DVD, or look up tutorials on YouTube.

Hit the dance floor
Whether you prefer ballroom or disco, salsa or Zumba, dancing is not only fun, but it also gives you a fantastic cardiovascular workout and strengthens your bones. Find a class or turn your living room into your own private disco. Protect yourself from any potentially embarrassing moments by wearing Always Discreet Liners.

Get your skates on
Many towns now set up temporary outdoor ice skating rinks in winter; while indoor rinks are back in fashion. Most venues will offer a quick beginner’s or refresher lesson. Once on the ice, change your speed regularly and try skating backwards, which works your muscles in a completely different way. The perfect winter workout!

Pick up a racquet
Easier to learn than tennis, indoor badminton gives you a great all-over workout without feeling particularly strenuous. Most leisure or sports centres run sessions or have courts – go with a friend and turn an exercise regime into a social occasion.

Go for a walk indoors
Big in the USA, ‘mall walking’ – walking briskly around shopping centres – burns calories, strengthens your heart and lungs and allows you to get Christmas gift inspiration. If you prefer, you can walk around an art gallery or museum instead.

Keep fit by helping others
Volunteer for something that keeps you on your feet, such as working at a food bank or soup kitchen, helping at a playgroup, or offering to do an elderly neighbour’s shopping. Staying active has never felt so virtuous!

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