Olay Bionic


Olay’s Total Effects Feather Weight Moisturiser


Introducing Olay’s Total Effects Feather Weight Moisturiser: the lightest anti-ageing day cream with SPF..

We put Olay’s Total Effects Feather Weight Moisturiser to the test in comparison with other traditional anti-ageing day creams with SPF. Its light weight non greasy formula absorbs quickly and thoroughly and leaves your skin clean, smooth and able to breathe… See for yourself in this video! It really doesn’t leave a sticky layout on your skin.

The result? Younger looking skin. And it’s feather weight formula fights not 1 but 7 signs of aging. For skin that doesn’t have to show your age, feel the difference with your new feather weight Olay Total Effects.
The 7 in 1 from the world’s number 1.
Olay, ageless.

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