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Dental care


I'm 61 years old and it's only in the last twenty years I've been aware or dental hygiene. I had a lot of damage from lack of dental care and thankfully I have been able to look after that problem. Now that I'm out of work and unable to visit the dentist in would love to win your prize as it would mean a lot to me to be able to take as much care as possible of my teeth and I believe your prize would help be do that.

Fixodent PLUS Dual Power

Gormal 08/11/2016

Having recently received my first denture. I knew I would need a reliable and strong adhesive. Fixodent has always been a reputable brand, so I went ahead and purchased Fixodent PLUS Dual Power. You only need the smallest amount. Being a first time user I was a bit nervous, however there was no need to worry, it has an all day hold and you can enjoy eating without any worries, as your denture stays in place securely. Giving much needed confidence.

no problem

mickser 08/11/2016

I switched to using Fixodent adhesive and now have no problem biting into anything

wonderful product

moll 07/11/2016

i simple could not live my daily life without fixodent, i use the clear colour one and i love the small nozzle. it gives me such precision. Fixodent gives me the confidence to go out and about. it certainly does give me life with more bite. .

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Pro Expert Professional Protection - Clean Mint

Pro Expert Professional Protection - Clean Mint

Oral-B Pro-Expert Regime

A healthier mouth in 4 weeks