Five places in your home where dirt likes to hide

Five places in your home where dirt likes to hide

Dust, spills and bacteria can build up in the most unlikely places. Follow this guide to hunt them down and enjoy a cleaner home.

Our hectic lives can create quite a bit of mess. And while it’s one thing to stay on top of what you can see on surfaces and floors, there are hidden dirt-traps around the home. The good news is that if you can tackle these trouble spots once in a while, you can make a big difference to the cleanliness of your environment. With a versatile product such as Flash Multi Surface Concentrated Cleaner, you can whiz through several tricky tasks in an afternoon and settle back to appreciate a home that’s fresher and brighter than ever.

1. Around the oven
If you’ve got a freestanding cooker, it’s all too easy for spills to end up between the kitchen cabinets and the oven. With the accumulated dust and the heat from the oven, it’s a breeding ground for germs. To tackle it, you’ll need to pull the cooker away from the wall, until the flexible hose is fully extended. Protect your floor by sliding the cooker onto a bathmat, carpet side down. Then let Flash Multi Surface Concentrated Cleaner cut through the grease and dirt.

2. On walls around the toilet
We expect bathrooms to get dirty. But while it’s all too easy to focus our clean-up efforts on the loo, cleaning experts say walls behind and around the toilet are blackspots for dirt and bacteria. Once you know, it’s easy to make sure your cleaning routine puts some extra attention on the walls and tiling here, with Flash freshening it up in no time.

3. Above your kitchen cabinets
Yes, it’s the one place almost all of us forget about: the tops of kitchen cabinets where dust piles up over years and traps grease in a sticky mess. But be brave: you’ll only need to venture into this no-man’s-land occasionally. Fetch a stepladder, a sponge and your trusty Flash Multi Surface Concentrated Cleaner and you’ll soon wipe away the muck of ages. You’ll be amazed at the peace of mind you have, knowing that your kitchen doesn’t just look clean – it IS clean.

4. The bathtub
It might seem like the bath just needs a rinse after use and a limescale treatment to maintain its shine. But bathtubs can also be a breeding ground for bacteria. One study found more than a quarter of bathtubs harboured bacteria that can cause skin infections. Make sure your is hygienically clean by using Flash Multi Surface Concentrated Cleaner – or try a spray of Flash Anti-Bac Plus, which kills 99.99 per cent of bacteria.

5. Your home office
Computer keyboards have become one of the most unhygienic places in the house. One group of researchers found that some of keyboards had enough bacteria to be counted as health hazards, and one was less hygienic than a toilet seat. Keeping electronics clean can be tricky, but Flash Anti-Bac Handwipes [LINK TO FLASH ANTI-BAC HANDWIPES] are just the thing: they kill 99.99 per cent of bacteria without risking liquids around delicate technology.

What are your most dreaded cleaning spots, and how do you tackle them? Let us know in the comments below.

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