5 summer home decor trends you’ll want to try

5 summer home decor trends you’ll want to try

Want to give your home a seasonal update? Try these ideas to bring summer into your home with style…

Want to give your home a seasonal update? Try these ideas to bring summer into your home with style…

1. Ice cream colours

What’s a summer without ice cream? And now, as well as licking it off a cone (mint choc chip for us, please), you can deck your home out in bubblegum pinks, baby blues, mint greens and, of course, vanilla.

You don’t want it to look sickly sweet, so keep walls clean and white, and pick out the ice cream shades in photo frames, chairs, cushions, throws and ornaments. To really boost the seaside vibe, complement the colour palette with nautical stripes, rope and natural woods.

And little evokes the coast like the smell of the ocean, so infuse your home with a zingy marine scent, with an Unstoppables Fresh Candle or Wax Melt. Simply light, or place in an appropriate warming device for the wax melt, and your home will be filled with the invigorating fragrance for hours.

2. Have fun with foliage

A house plant or two is always a lovely way of bringing nature into your home, and this summer it’s all about amping that up. Think hanging plants tumbling off high shelves, cute pot plants on tables, big leafy plants springing out of corners, and succulents and herb pots lining windowsills.

Bring in some rattan furniture and green furnishings to really embrace the look. And to accentuate the lush smell, choose your Unstoppables Candle or Wax Melt in Spring, which will infuse your home with a floral fragrance with woody base notes.

For more air-care options for Unstoppables Fresh or Spring, check out your local supermarket to discover the full Unstoppables range.

3. 50 shades…

No we’re not recommending you create a red room in your home (although if you want to, why not?). This is about layering multiple shades of the same colour, and the key is to go from dark on the bottom to light on the top.

So, for example, layer a black cast iron bed frame with charcoal sheets, a smoky grey duvet cover, silver cushions and a dove grey throw. This adds interest without losing sophistication.

4. All that glitters…

Metallics have been big for a while now, and gold is this year’s colour.

Go bold with shiny pendant lightshades, bevelled-edge mirrors, and geometric side tables, or team yellow gold and royal blue soft furnishings for a rich and luxurious look.

5. Colour pops

Really rich, bright colours are pushing out the neutrals this season, so it’s time to have some fun.

Think of the vibrant colours of Mexico and choose two key colours, such as orange and blue. Then mix it up with blocks of colour teamed with patterns – so a bold blue sofa with bright orange and blue patterned cushions, for example. With this look, every day is a fiesta!

What decor trends are you loving right now? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Invictus1 20/08/2018

I love using the colour Fuchsia in my home A new cushion or two and your room comes alive.

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