Hosting Christmas: Prepare Your Guest Room With This Checklist

Hosting Christmas: Prepare Your Guest Room With This Checklist

Follow our tips and ideas and turn a neglected room into a welcoming guest bedroom…

Give the bedroom a good vacuum, and dust all the places that often get forgotten, such as lampshades and shelves. A good tip is to put yourself in your guest’s shoes and lie on the bed – you’ll easily spot any areas you’ve missed. Finish with Febreze so you truly eliminate any stale odours leaving behind a light, fresh scent.

Clear a drawer, shelf or section of a wardrobe (leaving a few empty hangers) for your guests to store their clothes – or consider a small freestanding rail or clothes horse instead. Make sure there’s a mirror somewhere in the room, too – fix one to the back of the door if you’re short on space.

Everyone likes a different combination of duvets, blankets and pillows, so give your guests some choice. Make the bed with a selection of both firm and squishy pillows; drape a warm blanket over the foot of the bed; and leave some spare throws or even a duvet in a blanket box or basket somewhere obvious. For long-lasting freshness use Lenor on all your bedding.

Clean towels are a must – ideally, leave out a bath sheet, large towel, hand-towel and flannel in a pile. A box of tissues next to the bed is useful and a small basket of toiletries a thoughtful extra touch.

Place a lamp on the bedside table so your guests can read comfortably in bed and to ensure they are not sturggling in the dark in the middle of the night if they wake. If your house is particularly dark, leave a small torch out too.

Provide a pad of paper and a pen, along with recent magazines, a couple of coffee table-style books and a local guidebook. A radio or television turns a guest bedroom into a cosy haven they will be happy to retreat to.

Keep guests toasty warm when the temperature dips by providing a small portable fan heater, a hot water bottle and even a clean fluffy dressing gown. A word of warning though - they’ll be so cosy they may not want to leave!

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