Clean dog alert! Be your dog's best friend again

Clean dog alert! Be your dog's best friend again

A clean dog is a happy dog!

Dogs have been our friends for centuries – there’s no corner of earth where they don’t faithfully stay by our side. They keep us active and full of life. Yet there are times when it is hard for your human friends to hang out in the same room without opening a window. Especially if your furry pal is still wet from a walk in the rain.

How can you make sure you don’t have to choose between hanging out with your best friend and man's best friend? Enter Febreze’s/Ambi Pur’s Plugins, Aerosoles and Fabric Refreshers to ensure your furry best friend is a fresh and clean dog.

1. Play Watergames:
Dogs aren’t kids, but they can be. For a dog that’s recently gotten wet in the rain or rolled into something smelly, a bath is a good start to fix the odour. If he’s recently been out in the rain, drying him immediately is a must.

2. Brush the stink aside:
No, your dog doesn’t need hours in the bathroom. Just regular cleaning of ears, brushing their coat and cleaning of teeth can keep him smelling pleasant and well groomed between baths.

3. Accidents of the smelly kind:
Your granddaughter gave your dog a few treats and five minutes later, you rush to open a window and your dog looks at you like he didn’t do anything. Probably his “premium” dogfood is to blame, which can contain unhealthy additives. Get him high-quality natural dog food, and make sure he’s not stealing from the trash or getting any table scraps either. And as soon as there’s a ‘release’, Febreze/Ambi Pur Air Effects can effectively neutralize the stench.

4. Space Debris:
So, you’ve finally given your dog a bath and he goes and rolls on his rug. Twenty minutes later, he’s smelling of the rug again, which was smelling of his unbathed self in the first place. This can be avoided if you throw his rugs and bedding in the wash before you bathe him. It might not look it, but even your dog enjoys a clean space to sleep in. Febreze/Ambi Pur Fabric Refresher can get rid of stubborn stinks that washing just doesn’t eliminate, and leave a light fresh scent. Yes, dogs need some hard work, just like kids do. And you won’t always have time to do it right away. But you can always keep your home smelling fresh and pleasent by using Febreze’s/Ambi Pur’s Plugins. They don't just eliminate dog odour, they also leave a light fresh scent.

So if your grandkids are around for the weekend and you can’t find time to give your dog a bath, well, you can always do it on Monday. Because now your human friends and furry friend can hang out in the same room, with a fresh light scent.

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