Clean up after the grandkids in 15 minutes

Clean up after the grandkids in 15 minutes

You love them, but you don’t love the mess they leave behind. Here’s how to get your house back to its best in just four steps…

The little ones are back at school now, but that often means that your house becomes the after-school club.

Of course it’s a pleasure to see the little darlings – until they decide your wall is a much better drawing canvas than the piece of paper in front of them.

If your home always ends up looking like you’ve had a visit from Tasmanian devil on a sugar rush (which is sometimes not far from the truth), then here’s how to clean up in just four quick and easy steps.

1. Bung it all in a box

Gather together their toys and pop them all in a box, ready to be fetched again when they’re next round.

A good idea is to buy one with wheels and a lid and then you can roll it out of the way under your sofa or the bed.

2. Made their mark? Rub it out

Grab a Flash Magic Eraser and make those wall drawings – however sweet – disappear. Just add water to the sponge, squeeze out the excess and wipe over the marks. The cleaning power will lift the stains off without tarnishing the underlying surface. Seriously. Check out our reader reviews here.

It can also be used on scuffmarks, bath tidemarks, grease on the cooker and more.

3. Total wipe out

Schools are easy breeding grounds for germs, so protect yourself and your grandkids from any lurgies by cleaning your surfaces with an anti-bacterial product.

For a quick and easy clean, sweep crumbs, sticky fingerprints and nasty germs off your countertops with Flash Anti-Bacterial Wipes.

4. Suck it up

Finally, have a quick whizz around with the vacuum cleaner before any crumbs or crayons get trodden into the carpet.

Next? Stick the kettle on.

For more quick cleaning tips see our articles The 15-minute kitchen clean and The Speedy House Clean.

What’s your number one cleaning tip? Let us know in the comments section below.

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