The Big Christmas Clean-up If You Have Pets

The Big Christmas Clean-up If You Have Pets

The after Christmas clean-up is not the best part of the holidays, but it can become much easier with our tips and tricks for cleaning up, particularly after pets!

Love your pets but not the mess they make? With family and friends due to descend at Christmas, here’s how to make the house sparkle and shine with not a pawprint in sight

Our beloved pets are part of the family but – surprise! – not everyone finds fluff on the furniture and slobbery chew toys as charming as you do. Put in a little hard work now and you can relax at Christmas, safe in the knowledge that your home smells of mulled wine rather than muddy pooch.

Top priority? Tidying

big christmas clean up if u have pets

Start with a sweep of the entire house, tidying away toys, treats, plastic bones and anything else that may end up as a trip hazard for your guests. Cats love to cause chaos, ripping up paper and leaving dead mice on the duvet, so be sure to check cupboards, under beds and their usual hideaways for any nastiness they may have stashed. That way no-one gets an unwelcome ‘present’ on Christmas morning.

Clean the carpets

christmas clean up if you have pets

Muddy paws. Shed fur. The occasional accident. Keeping the carpet clean when you have pets is a constant battle. Regular vacuuming is essential (choose a high-efficiency particulate air, or HEPA, filter), but before Christmas it’s worth going the extra mile and steam-cleaning to kill odours and potentially harmful germs. Bacteria such as E Coli lurks deep within your carpet fibres and vacuuming alone doesn’t get rid of it. Don’t be put off by the drying time: new steam-cleaners mean your carpets only take an hour to dry, and a deep clean will lift out those unsightly stains you’ve been trying to hide under the rug all year.

De-fluff and de-flea

Tackle your pet’s bed next. It’s a breeding ground for fleas and allergens so vacuum first, then throw it in the washing machine on a cold water cycle using pet-friendly detergent. Air dry to avoid shrinking the bed.
Use your vacuum’s upholstery setting to whizz away fur from the furniture, making sure you dive down deep into the crevices where hairballs hide. A lint roller will pick up the last few hairs on cushions.
Fill a bucket with hot soapy water and wash toys, brushes and any other accessories. And if your pet likes to watch the world go by from the window, give the pane and sill a wipe with Mr Clean antibac spray, which gives you double the cleaning power at your fingertips.

Attend to the hallway

The hallway is a prime spot for pet mess, as it’s the first place your dog sets foot after being outside. Get it ready for Christmas guests by mopping the floor and wiping any mud or marks off the lower walls and skirting boards. Get busy with your Swiffer as it attracts and keeps three times more dirt and dust.
“Storage is a lifesaver when it comes to the family pet,” says Louise Unger of The Camouflage Company (htpps:// “Invest in a pretty storage box that you can keep in the hallway, and pack it with leads, tennis balls, coats, waste bags, wipes: everything you need for walkies. Make sure it has a lid or zip to contain odours.”

Kitchen clean-up

Keep the litter tray by the back door? Smells and stains are hard to shift, so tip out the litter and take the tray outside for a through clean with hot soapy water before refilling it again.
Food and water bowls can attract bacteria and mould, so pop them on the top shelf of the dishwasher or scrub by hand, making sure no residue of cleaning solution is left over to upset your pet. Always place bowls on a laminated mat. It looks neater and will contain any spills, cutting your cleaning time in half.

Hit refresh

All that’s left to do is ensure any lingering eau de collie is replaced by festive spices and a warm welcome at the door. Spritz everywhere with Febreze, which truly eliminates odours and leaves a light, fresh scent. Attack any stubborn old stains with an enzymatic cleaner: you can find them in pet shops. Open the windows to let fresh air circulate. Finally, you might want to consider going to the heart of the issue and giving your pet a pre-Christmas bath. They may not appreciate it, but your guests certainly will.

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