Declutter! 10 Things It's Time To Say Goodbye To

Declutter! 10 Things It's Time To Say Goodbye To

Clutter in the home easily builds up but where to start in clearing it? Check out this checklist for getting your home back into shape at Victoria today!

Clearing clutter can be cathartic especially with Christmas on the horizon but where to start? This is your checklist for getting your home back into shape

1. Clear out the garage
The memories are precious, but a garage full of trikes and teddies is tiresome. Invite your children and grandkids to rescue their favourites, fill a keepsake box with anything you can’t bear to bin, then share the love by letting the rest go to charity.

2. Get rid of gimmicky gadgets
That ice-cream maker seemed like a good idea at the time, didn’t it? So did the soda machine and chocolate fountain you’ve used once. Giving away or selling neglected appliances frees up counter-tops fast.

3. Reorganise your wardrobe
Wardrobe stuffed with impulse-buy shoes and jeans you plan to slim into? You’re wasting valuable space. Have a clear-out and – bonus! – make some extra cash by selling unwanted items online.

4. Chuck old make-up
Blast through the bathroom throwing away anything that’s gone gloopy and gunky. Cosmetics have a surprisingly short shelf-life – usually a year – and are a breeding ground for germs, so clean out your make-up bag too.

5. Go through your jewellery
We’ve all got a drawer or box that’s bulging with jewellery we never wear. Be ruthless. Charity shops will welcome anything you don’t want, sell rejects on eBay, or give them away. Click here to discover an imaginative way to display your favourite pieces so they’ll always be to hand. [VIDEO LINK]

6. Tidy up the linen cupboar
All you really need is two sets per bed. Part company with odd pillowcases and old sheets and transform your airing cupboard in a trice. Tip: animal shelters welcome donations of bedding and blankets.

7. Sort out the paperwork
Years-old magazines, instruction manuals, catalogues, cards, flyers, phone books and bills. Overflowing shelves and piles of paperwork are a source of stress, so file anything important and shred the rest.

8. Give away unwanted gifts
That cupboard full of ornaments and holiday souvenirs you don’t want to display but don’t quite know what to do with? Give it all to charity. Remember, one person’s trash is another’s treasure. A Swiffer mop will make short work of dust and cobwebs left behind.

9. Organise your kitchen
Dusty herbs, sticky liqueurs, dried-up condiments and a freezer full of who-knows-what in Tupperware? Clear the cabinets, ready to re-stock for Christmas.

10. Digital clean up
Grab your tablet and start streamlining. Unsubscribe from annoying newsletters. Delete old emails. Banish from your Kindle books you’ll never read. Change your passwords and edit your photos. Finally, back up, switch off… and relax.

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