Festive Table Decorations To Wow Your Guests

Festive Table Decorations To Wow Your Guests

If you are looking to impress guests with your table decorating skills, make sure to get style inspiration from our list of fresh table decoration ideas.

You don’t have to spend a small fortune to add some Christmas sparkle to your dining table. Embrace your crafty side with these top 10 ideas

1. Be fishbowl fabulous
Collect pine cones while out on your next few walks, then spray them with colours to match your theme. Display in a fishbowl vase in the centre of the table.

2. Create a bauble centrepiece
Arrange baubles to reflect your colour theme on each tier of your cake stand, then tie a coordinating ribbon to the top. Easy! If you don’t have a cake stand, or it’s the wrong colour, search out one at a charity shop or jumble sale and spray paint it.

3. Make a Christmas parcel
Wrap up each place setting in a length of wide ribbon, and allow guests to unwrap their plate before they eat!

4. Continue a Nordic theme
Create a Nordic-inspired table decoration by putting a small deer on a colour-themed plate in the centre of the festive table, then add a pot of rosemary, pine cones and a birch bark candle.

5. Decorate the length of the table
Go kitsch with bold pink and turquoise bottlebrush trees and a multi-coloured felt ball garland running along the centre of your dining table. The grandchildren will love it!

6. Utilise fairy lights
Finally, a use for those white fairy lights you no longer put on the Christmas tree! Pile them into a glass vase or apothecary jar and spray the top with artificial snow.

7. Decorate with terrific tartan
A classic tartan table runner looks brilliant with mistletoe and sprigs scattered along it. Simple but effective! And don’t worry about any stains – Ariel, with its superior stain removal, will ensure your table runners and tablecloths will look as good as new after the festivities are over.

8. Flower power decorations
White lilies standing proud in a tall vase can look dramatic and surprisingly festive – but remember to cut out the stamens to avoid pollen stains, also as a precaution if you have a cat, as the pollen is poisonous to our feline friends.

9. Pine cone pizazz
Pop a gold-sprayed pine cone on everyone’s plate, tie a small bell to twine and wrap it around their napkin – any little guests will no doubt collect them up and entertain you all by singing Jingle Bells for the duration of the meal!

10. Wreath wonder
Put several white taper candles into short candlesticks and arrange them inside a wreath, in the centre of the Christmas table. So simple, and will last through every meal of the festive season.

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