A Holiday Guide to Finding Your Perfect Christmas Style

A Holiday Guide to Finding Your Perfect Christmas Style

Pinpointing key parts of your personality and life makes choosing your holiday decor theme a piece of (Christmas) cake!

Do you have traditional values?
Then stick to a traditional Christmas – you might regret experimenting with anything too modern. A nostalgic palette of red, green and white could look beautifully grand in your home.

Where is your favourite holiday destination?
Are you drawn to Norway or another Scandinavian country? Then a Nordic theme might suit you well. Look for pine cones, stag and reindeer ornaments and tree bark decorations for an authentic Scandi look.

Is White Christmas your favourite festive song?
Then bring a bit of Bing into your home and embrace the icy white theme, with silver, white and plenty of twinkling fairy lights. Let it snow!

Are you practical?
If you’re a keen knitter and making a patchwork quilt is your idea of fun, then opt for a handmade Christmas look. Have fun making DIY bunting, spray painted candle votives and felt heart tree decorations. Make Pinterest your first port of call for ideas!

Christmas is all about the grandchildren
If you agree, make your home as colourful as possible. Think multi-coloured tree lights, decorations made by them over the years, a gingerbread house and an ‘Elf On The Shelf’ to surprise and delight them.

Check out your wardrobe
Do you see a lot of jewel tones in there? Mirror this in your festive theme with plenty of ribbons and baubles in deep purples, pinks and blues. It will look opulent and stylish.

Do you find Christmas too hectic?
If you’re always looking for a pocket of calm, go for soothing blues and greens in your theme. These colours are thought to actually slow the heart rate and reduce stress. Using Febreze around the house to leave a fresh, light scent and eliminate any odours wil also help bring down the stress levels.

Do you hark back to the past?
Fans of old black and white movies can’t go wrong with a vintage feel – lace edging on the fireplace and silver candlestick holders, and you could even hang old photographs of family members on the tree.

Do you have a Scottish heritage?
Trace which clan your family belonged to, and base your Christmas theme on your family tartan. Then pour yourself a wee dram of whisky to celebrate.

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