4 clever ways to remove pet hair from around the house

4 clever ways to remove pet hair from around the house

Pets are wonderful companions – but the amount of hair they shed can be frustrating. These smart tips will help you keep it under control.

Pets are wonderful companions – but the amount of hair they shed can be frustrating. These smart tips will help you keep it under control.

You love your pets – especially now that the house is that bit emptier with the kids having moved out – but the dog or cat does increase the amount of time you spend on everyday cleaning.

And without children around to help out with the pet care anymore, all the chores now fall to you and your other half.

One of the main complaints from pet owners is the sheer volume of hair lying around, even if you’re firm about animals staying off the furniture – because any hair on your clothes will soon transfer itself onto other surfaces anyway!

You can try to keep shedding to a minimum by doing all the brushing and grooming outdoors, but it’s almost impossible to stop it completely. So here are some smart tips for dealing with all of the inevitable pet hair that ends up covering the house…

1. Dampened rubber gloves

Sticky tape is probably your current go-to solution for picking up pet hair off soft furnishings such as sofas and cushions. But while this might be handy for the odd patch of hair, it takes a lot of time, effort and rolls of tape to clean large areas. So, try dampened rubber gloves instead.

Once you’ve lightly moistened the gloves, run your hands over any cloth surfaces to attract the hair. You’ll be able to cover large areas such sofas or big pillows quickly, and can simply rinse the hair off the gloves to get rid of it.

2. Anti-static spray

For cleaning pet hair off wooden furniture such as tables and chairs, try a soft cloth and anti-static dusting spray, which keeps the hair on the duster rather than letting it reattach itself to the furniture.

You can also spray a bit on the carpet to pull the hairs to the surface before you run the vacuum cleaner over it; be sure to move the vacuum in alternate directions to loosen and collect the fine hairs that get stuck deep in the carpet.

3. Window squeegee

You might use one of these to keep shower glass or mirrors squeaky-clean, but did you know a window squeegee is a brilliantly easy way to collect hair from sofas and chairs too? Simply drag it over the seat and the back to collect the pet hair into little piles – then pick it up and throw it away.

4. Flash Magic Eraser

When grubby pets come inside from their outdoor adventures, they can rub against the walls and furniture, leaving not just pet hairs behind but any grot and grime they’ve picked up outside.

For a speedy fix for those stubborn stains Flash Magic Eraser is ideal. Keep a stash on hand – you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them!

If you’ve read this because you’re considering getting a pet, you should also be sure to check out our six questions to ask yourself first.

How do you keep your home free of pet hair? Share your secrets in the comments section below.

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Pet hair

Invictus1 15/04/2018

Great tips I must try the Flash Magic Eraser

Pet hair

Clare 29/03/2018

Thanks for the useful tips. I keep an old clothes brush just for furnishings. Don't forget the curtains if your cat sits on the windowsill! The pet hair is going to collect behind furniture no matter what you do, so a few times a year I recommend moving everything and giving a good run with the Dyson. You will gather an amazing amount of hair and dust mites, and this removes food for house moths as well as improving air quality.

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