Fresh car scent: Get the best car fresher smell!

Fresh car scent: Get the best car fresher smell!

A fresh car scent is a must for any road trip

Summer means getting into the car with your dog and driving where no person (or dog) has ever driven before. Not really, but it’s the perfect time for roadtrips to have that fresh car scent. All your favourite music to sing to will make the miles disappear before you know it. But first, take note of our fresh guide to eliminating food and doggy odours and maintaining a refreshing atmosphere – your dog, and your nose - will thank you for it.

Catch the Ketchup
Grabbing a bite at the drive-through on a roadtrip is why drive-throughs were invented. Regular food stops do not just keep you fresh and energetic, they also are good breaks for a long trip. But that doesn’t mean you have to sit through your car smelling like ketchup and pickle after you’re done eating. Febreze/Ambi Pur Car Vent clip keeps your car smelling fresh through all the tasty snacks.

Fast and Furious
No, we’re not telling you to drive irresponsibly – this speedy suggestion relates to food or pet stains. Act fast when an accident happens to prevent the stain from seeping in, and if the odour persists, treat the area with Febreze/Ambi Pur Fabric Refresher. It’s the only fabric refresher that truly eliminates odours and it’s a must-have for any smelly road trip emergency.

Stop the stink
The car is bound to smell of your dog after a few hours. That’s okay, car air fresheners are a lifesaver when travelling with pets. But not any air freshener will do; only Febreze/Ambi Pur Car Vent Clip is designed to kick odours to the curb with a combination of odour eliminating power and a slow-releasing fresh scent. It even keeps your car fresh for up to thirty days* - oh, imagine the places you’ll go in that time! *on low and under ambient conditions

The Aftermath
So you’re back from the trip and your dog is happy to get back to the bone he left behind. Give the spot he’s been sitting at a healthy dose of refreshing with Febreze/Ambi Pur Fabric Refresher to keep your car smelling nice before the next time you get in. Maintaining a fresh-smelling driving experience can do wonders to lift everyone’s mood, so make sure you try these handy road trip tips when going on the road with your pet. And remember – only Febreze/Ambi Pur has the unique odour eliminating technology to leave all sorts of smells in the dust. Plus, the entire line of Febreze/Ambi Pur products is safe for use around both humans and pets when used according to the label instructions

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