Fresh clothes: Get great smelling clothes post gym session!

Fresh clothes: Get great smelling clothes post gym session!

How to keep clothes smelling fresh and beat the gym gear odor!

They say exercising is the elixir of youth. That may sound corny to say, but we all know that working out is the easiest way to look and feel amazing.
Once workouts are a part of your daily routine, the only challenge is to keep the enthusiasm up. And nothing kills a good workout mood like the stink in your workout gear. You've been there: you are about to start your workout and a faint smell of your previous workout finds it’s way to your nostrils from your sneakers or gym bag and suddenly you are not so keen.

Nothing Febreze/Ambi Pur Fabric Refresher can’t handle. Here’s how to keep that fresh clothes smell and that gym bag odour at bay:

Hang Dry Immediately
If you return home with a pile of sweaty clothes but don’t have time to immediately wash them, hang them up to dry ASAP. Circulating air will dry out the dampness, the home base of odours.

Heat is Your Friend
Of all your stuff, it’s your towels that cling on to the stink the most.
When washing and drying your gym gear, set the temperature to the hottest setting the fabric will allow. This is best for cotton garments that don’t mind heat. For any tech fabrics, wash the garments in warm or cool water and hang them to dry.

Harness the Sun
When it comes to drying your workout clothes that can’t go into the dryer, use the power of the mighty sun. The sun’s rays are a natural bacteria deterrent, so hang your clothes under the sun and enjoy fresh, clean workout gear for months or years to come.

Sneak up on your Sneaker stink
Most of the sneaker stink comes from sweaty socks. Using clean, dry socks that absorb sweat is a good start. Also, get your sneakers plenty of air-time to dry out completely between workouts. The quickest and the most effective way to kick the stink away is Febreze/Ambi Pur Fabric Refresher. Even if you’ve gone noseblind to your sneaker’s stink, your gym friends haven’t.

Don’t forget the gym bag
Containing your workout stink and gear is no easy feat for your gym bag. No amount of clean gear will do if the bag itself smells like a used sock. Since most gym bags are not washable, Febreze/Ambi Pur Fabric Refresher can keep it stink-free and stink-proof by not just eliminating odour, but leaving behind a fresh light scent. No longer will your coworkers smell what you’ve gone noseblind to.
Even with all these tips, you’ll be faced with the stink creeping in when you’re running all the time. Time to give your bag a thorough airing and Febreze the stink out of it. An effective fabric refresher like Febreze/Ambi Pur Fabric Refresher will neutralize all the odours, not just mask them. And invigorated gear only means invigorated workouts. Breathe happy!

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