Gardening clothes perfect for the season!

Gardening clothes perfect for the season!

Best clothes for gardening

This is a truth that grass is always greener in your neighbor’s garden. But who said you cannot be the best dressed of all gardeners in your neighborhood? If the garden is an extension of home, you should be dressed not worse than at home. Even if you do gardening from time to time and not for whole days, it’s good to have suitable gardening clothes for your comfort, ease of movement and warmth.

Clothes to wear in the garden
A lot of people put their worst clothes on when go gardening because they afraid of rose thorns, stains and all sorts of dirt. In result, they look worse than their garden. You don’t need to feel embarrassed facing your unexpected guest or a very handsome neighbor passing by. Instead of wearing your son’s old T-shirt or a hoodie that your husband refused to wear years ago collect your new gardener’s outfit. The one that will let you move freely and without worrying what will happen to your clothes. Your gardening clothes do not necessarily be brand new, but they can definitely can make you look good. You do not need to compromise on style. It’s worth to spend some time and search internet to find something stylish and perfect for you.

Check list:
- Shirt & Jacket - Instead of old clothes you can wear a colorful and patterned shirt and a nice jacket that gives you freedom to move. The jacket should not only protect you against cold but also move like your second skin.
- Jeans or gardener’s trousers - More practical are the jeans without holes. If you need to hold a lot of your digging tools with you, don’t look for trousers with lots of pockets. Buy a special gardener’s belt. You can adjust it to your waist and keep everything ready at hand. Looking sexy will be an additional asset.
- Apron – A beautiful and stylish apron, short of full length, will give you a pleasure of gardening. It should be easy to wash. If you don’t have a gardener’s belt, make sure it has a deep front pocket to carry the tools and accessories you need to have at hand. - Gloves - Gloves should be light and strong, thermal during the winter, machine washable and tough for pruning. Bright colour will help them not to lose.
- Wellingtons - There are more than classical wellies on the market. Nicely patterned and more stylish country boots, shorter and longer, with comfortable inner lining or without. Choose your favourite ones and feel great even in the most raining day.
- Hat, headband, bandanas - To shade your face and neck you will need a wide brimmed hat Don’t forget about headband as it absorbs sweat.
- Scarf - Choose something soft and warming that will embrace you during windy days.
- Clogs and Boots - Colourful garden clogs are essential for every gardener. Will keep your feet cool in the Summer and warm and dry in the cold Winter.

A piece of advice
Once you collect all your gardening clothes, you can think how to make them smelling even better than flowers in your garden. The simplest way is to infuse them in mild and scented fragrance of Lenor Cotton Flower or Lenor Almond Oil. Both variants are hypoallergenic tested, so they will be gentle for your skin.

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