Get rid of smoky smells to start afresh this year

Get rid of smoky smells to start afresh this year

Eliminating stale smoke smells from your home and car just got a whole lot easier…

Eliminating stale smoke smells from your home and car just got a whole lot easier…

Whether you’ve been a smoker for decades or someone in your family smokes when they come to visit, the smell of smoke in your home is always an unpleasant one.

It clings to fabrics and lingers in the air, meaning when you step through the front door all you can smell is an old ashtray.

Some 25% of UK households now have a smoker in their midst, but the New Year is a great opportunity to finally get round to giving up smoking, or encourage the smokers in your family to do so. An important step in this is to get rid of all those nasty smoky smells in the home so you can start afresh.

To help, Febreze has launched a new Anti-Tobacco collection, specially formulated to eliminate smoke odours.

Here’s how it can help you…

In the home

The smell of smoke can linger in the air for days. Even if you don’t notice, as your nose grows used to it, guests will.

To keep the smells at bay, try using Febreze’s new 3volution Anti-Tobacco Plug-in refill. It combats lingering smoke residue by neutralising odours in a quick, easy and silent way.

The new OdourClear technology used in the Anti-Tobacco range allows for a much more effective experience, with the fragrance never simply masking smells like other products, but instead trapping cigarette smoke and other bad odours to eliminate them.

The plug-in 3volution works for up to 90 days to constantly refresh the room, without you having to lift a finger.

Then, for those moments when you need freshness fast – perhaps your neighbour unexpectedly comes knocking at your door, or you’ve agreed to host a last-minute dinner party – the quick solution you need is all in the formula of Febreze Anti-Tobacco Air Freshener. This gets to work destroying bad odours in seconds, while leaving a wonderfully fresh-smelling fragrance behind.

In the car

Having a fragrant home might not solve all of your odour woes. Another place that people often find they want to banish the smell of smoke for good is inside their cars.

Spraying the inside of a car with air freshener is too much for such a small space, leaving you with an overwhelming abundance of smells, while opening windows in a vain attempt to rid the car of the smoke doesn’t ever quite seem to work either.

Instead, try a constant solution to rid your car of the smell of smoke. Use a Febreze Car Anti-Tobacco Freshener, which will continuously battle strange smells, be it eau de dog after a particularly muddy walk or a lingering tobacco smell after a cigarette break.

So the next time you’re battling the stink of smoke, the new Anti-tobacco collection by Febreze can help you to enjoy truly fresh air whenever, wherever.

Are you trying to give up smoking this year? Let us know your tips in the comments section below.

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