Grandkids Gone? How To Tidy Up In Under 60 Minutes!

Grandkids Gone? How To Tidy Up In Under 60 Minutes!

It’s great to have the grandkids over, but they sure leave their mark – sometimes literally. (Who thought crayons were a good idea?) When you’ve waved them off, tired and happy, follow our cleaning checklist to conquer chaos and clear up quickly

Clear clutter in 12 minutes
Tidy the rooms quickly with this handy trick. Grab the laundry basket and work your way around the house collecting anything that’s out of place. When it’s full, tip it out onto the dining table and then put each item back where it belongs. And breathe…

Tackle toys in 7 minutes
Tots think that toys live on the floor, under the sofa cushions and stuffed behind the TV. Invest in a wicker hamper or storage box that blends in with your decor, then keep it in the sitting room for easy access to toys and craft supplies. Shovel it all in and shut the lid. Don’t leave drawings in a pile: pin them on a cork board to be admired.

Spray, wipe, repeat in 11 minutes
Tackle any germs the children may have carried in from the garden or park. Armed with a damp cloth and antibac spray, hunt down handprints, mud, spills and smudges. Use Mr Clean spray, it has double the cleaning power. Pay special attention to table tops and mirrors, fridge doors, remote controls and cupboard handles: prime spots for sticky little fingers.

Fill the dishwasher in 9 minutes
Relax, you don’t have to scrub everything. A lot of kids’ kit can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Plastic toys and beakers, melamine plates and cutlery, bathroom bits and bobs such as soap dishes, toothbrush holders and bathtime toys, even hair brushes and combs: stack it all on the top shelf and it’ll come out good as new.

Bathroom blitz in 8 minutes
Save time and energy by using a Swiffer mop, it attracts and keeps three times more dust and dirt. Use any leftover baby or antibac wipes to spruce up the loo, bath, sink and shower. Change the towel, open the window and you’re done.

Get ready for next time in 10 minutes
Clear out a cupboard or underbed storage box and give it over to the grandkids. That way you won’t have to search out all the blankets, books, clothes, nightwear and washbags they’ll need each time they visit. It’s minimal packing for their parents, less clearing up for you, more independence for them. Everyone wins.

Total clean-up time: 57 minutes!

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