Chores? Ditch the drudgery and make house cleaning fun and easy

Chores? Ditch the drudgery and make house cleaning fun and easy

Want a stress-free and efficient life? One where chores are more fun, less frequent and easier?

Do you remember when your kids were tiny and you thought that by this stage life would be super-relaxed? Turns out it’s still pretty busy, right?
But there are things we can do to make things easier on ourselves, particularly when it comes to cleaning the house and chores, which we can make more fun (yes, even the ironing!).

Streamline and de-clutter

When The Ariel All the Power you Need report* surveyed women across Europe, a whopping 89% said they wished they lived in less cluttered homes and were always keen to discover smaller, more powerful, multipurpose products.

Ariel 3 in 1 PODS is one product that meets that brief perfectly. The multi-compartment pods clean deep down, lift off stains and brighten clothes to help keep your clothes pristine. The compact tub is all you need to get the household laundry completed – to the standard you expect – every time.
Now all you have to do is de-clutter the rest of the house!

Make chores more fun

Cleaning and tidying up the house are unavoidable chores, but they can still be enjoyable. Here are a few ideas.

Crank up the music
Cooking, cleaning and changing the sheets are all miles more fun if you put on some of your favourite upbeat tunes from your heyday.

Mix things up
A change is as good as a rest… Move all your home tasks to a set hour of each day instead of letting them sprawl out through the week, or resolve to get one big task done each day before breakfast so you can start the day feeling smug!

Beat the clock
Give yourself 10 minutes to sort the laundry, see if you can vacuum the stairs that little bit faster or clean the bathroom in under 20 minutes. It’s fun, gets the jobs out of the way and might actually keep you fitter.

Clean before you clean
Spend a little time sorting out your cleaning cupboards so that everything is shipshape. Maybe even invest in new mops, brushes and wipes, or raid the drawers for old shirts and make a new pile of dusters.

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