The no-sweat guide to cleaning

The no-sweat guide to cleaning

We learned a long time ago that life’s too short to spend it doing housework, so here’s how to do a big clean – with hardly any effort.

We learned a long time ago that life’s too short to spend it doing housework, but that doesn’t mean we want to live in a pigsty. So here’s how to do a big clean – with hardly any effort.

With no little kids to clean up after nowadays (well, apart from the occasional grandkid), the days of ‘spray, wipe, repeat’ are over for most of us – and hallelujah to that!

But of course, as well as a dust and a hoover, our homes still need a little extra TLC every now and then. It’s often the bits that go unnoticed in the usual clean-up that end up making your home look rundown – we’re looking at you, crusty microwave, scaly taps and scuzzy soap dishes.

But if you don’t have the time (or inclination) for a deep clean, these quick-and-easy cheats will do the trick.

1. Let your dishwasher do the work

This kitchen hero is already saving you loads of time and effort doing the washing-up, but don’t underestimate its superpowers. There are plenty of other items it can tackle and save you the effort of scrubbing.

If it’s hard plastic, glass, ceramic or metal and it physically fits in the top rack, then chances are your dishwasher can take it on. It’s brilliant for awkward tasks like cleaning cooker-hood filters, and spruces up everything from bathroom soap dishes and light fixtures to sponges and flip-flops in no time.

2. Zap the microwave in moments

From your morning porridge to reheating yesterday’s leftovers, microwaves make meals easy – and they make cleaning easy too. Instead of using up all your energy scraping away those dried-on splatters, let the microwave steam clean itself.

Squeeze a lemon into a cup of water, then zap it for two minutes. The acidic steam will eat away at the grease, so you can wipe it away with a damp sponge. It will leave it smelling fresher, too.

3. Get rid of limescale without the scrubbing

Nothing makes bathrooms and kitchens look dull and grimy more quickly than limescale. And if it builds up in a hard crust, it can be a real pain to shift. That’s when you need a dedicated limescale cleaner like Viakal

It dissolves away chalky limescale deposits, leaving sinks, taps, showerheads and surfaces sparkling like new – and all with a simple spray and wipe: no scrubbing in sight. Thanks to smart water-sheeting technology, it also helps to prevent more limescale building up, so there’s less to do in future.

4. Freshen up the sofa

It’s the heart of the home, where everyone hangs out. So it’s no wonder that, after a while, the sofa will need a bit of freshening up. But it doesn’t have to a big wash-the-covers job. Simply give it a quick hoover to pick up any crud lurking in the nooks and crannies and freshen it up with a spritz of Febreze Fabric Refresher Spray. Done!

5. Pick up pet hair with rubber gloves

Pets are adorable, but their habit of shedding hair can drive us to distraction. But simply pop on a pair of rubber gloves and you’ll get rid of that stray fur in no time.

Dampen the gloves, then run them over the surfaces you need to clean – the hair will stick like magic. When you’ve got your hands full, just dip the gloves in water and the hair will slide right off. Bow-wow.

Do you have a favourite quick-clean tip? Share it with us in the comments section below.

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