Quiz: what’s your cleaning IQ?

Quiz: what’s your cleaning IQ?

Floors, oven, bathroom tiles… After years of running a household, chances are you’re a cleaning expert, but take our quiz to find out!

Floors, oven, bathroom tiles… After years of running a household, chances are you’re a cleaning expert, but take our quiz to find out!

You may think you know it all now when it comes to keeping your home clean. However, we may surprise you. Try our fun quiz and see if you learn anything new…

1. How many times a week should you clean the bathroom?

a) Floor, toilet and taps every day; sink, shower and bath twice a week.
b) Give everything a once-over once a week.
c) When it looks dirty, right?

2. What’s the best store cupboard ingredient to help with carpet stain removal – on red wine, for example?

a) Baking soda
b) White wine
c) Salt

3. What’s the best way to keep your microwave clean and smelling fresh?

a) Daily cleaning of food splatters followed by a ‘steam’ – putting a bowl with chopped up lemon and lime inside and zapping on high for a few minutes.
b) A quick wipe round with a damp cloth after each use is enough for microwave cleaning.
c) A thorough clean once a week.

4. What’s the best product to use for oven cleaning?

a) A tough, oven-specific cleaner
b) Warm soapy water
c) An anti-bacterial spray

5. How often should you clean your fridge?

a) Clean spills and leaks as they happen; shelves and drawers once a month. Oh, and wipe down the fridge handle daily.
b) Deep clean every three months, removing all food, shelves and drawers, and really getting into those nooks and crannies.
c) Eugh… Is that a bag of mouldering salad there at the back? This is about the time when fridge cleaning becomes your priority.

6. How often should you change your bed linen?

a) Twice a month
b) Once a month
c) Once every three months

7. Which of the following is most likely to harbour the most dangerous bacteria?

a) Reusable tote bags
b) The washing machine
c) A kitchen sponge

8. Which of the following is the dirtiest household item?

a) Your kitchen chopping board
b) Your pet’s food bowl
c) Your mobile phone


Mostly A

Your cleaning IQ is off the scale. You know that the taps in your bathroom can harbour as many germs as the toilet seat, and that reusable totes are a breeding ground for the bugs that cause food poisoning, especially if they’ve been used for carrying raw meat or fish.

Just as importantly, you understand the importance of washing chopping boards in super-hot, sudsy water, and your powers of stain removal are second to none.

But even experienced cleaners like you can add some brilliant products to your cleaning arsenal, like the Flash Extra Power Eraser, which lifts stubborn dirt around your home – just like magic!

Mostly B

Well done – you’re aware of the biggest germ hotspots and know how to tackle them. No dirty bedsheets or germy pet food bowls for you. (FYI, bacteria on the latter multiply in your pet’s saliva and leftover food, meaning they get a mouthful of germs with their dinner at their next meal – so it’s a good job you keep it clean!)

If you want to up the power of your cleaning routine, it’s all about using the right products. So for cleaning floors, countertops and sinks, for example, try a hard-working, multi-purpose product, such as Flash Anti-bac Plus spray – it’s a powerful cleaner that kills 99.99% of harmful bacteria for that all-important peace of mind. Remember, too, that running a capful of bleach through your washing machine on the hottest wash gets rid of any lingering nasties.

Mostly C

Your awareness is good, but a little more attention to detail could make all the difference. Simple things such as zapping your kitchen sponges in the microwave a few times a week to kill germs or wiping your mobile phone down with an anti-bac wipe on a regular basis can cut the bacteria count in your home significantly.

Cleaning germy hotspots such as the fridge, microwave and bathroom regularly means it’s easier to keep on top of them – plus it doesn’t take up as much time, as you’re not having to scrub as much.

And by being smart about the big jobs, you can give more time to the little things – like wiping down your computer keyboard and giving the inside of your handbag a spring clean. They’ll soon become habits that stick – and you’ll be all the healthier for it!

What are your most effective tips for a sparkling clean house? Please let us know below – we’d love to hear from you…

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