7 ways to cosy up your home

7 ways to cosy up your home

Get that hygge feeling with our easy and cheap tips for warming up your home this winter.

Get that hygge feeling with our easy and cheap tips for warming up your home this winter.

With colder days and longer nights, winter is the perfect time to get cosy. And with more time spent indoors, it’s a great opportunity to add some cosy soft furnishings and mood lighting to your home. And it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

With our easy tips, you’ll be feeling the hygge before you know it…

Create a cosy corner

Creating a snug environment is all about feeling surrounded by comfort, so corners and nooks are ideal. Carving out a space for relaxation and rejuvenation can be a real treat.

Find a corner in your bedroom or a cosy part of the living room near the fire and dress it up with all the things that make you feel calm: from cushions and blankets to candles and books. Then when it all gets too much, you’ve got a peaceful haven to retreat to.

Snuggle up in soft sheets

When it comes to hibernation, there’s no place like bed. So make sure yours offers maximum comfort with a snuggly duvet, a blanket and plenty of plump cushions.

Of course nothing beats freshly cleaned sheets, and for added comfort be sure to wash them in Bold 3in1 Pods in Lotus Flower and Water Lily. The pods deep clean your sheets, infusing them with a fresh, clean smell – plus they make them super soft, thanks to the pods’ built-in fabric conditioner. Mmm, snuggly.

Warm up cold feet

Those trendy wooden or tiled floors look amazing and feel refreshingly cool in the heat of summer. But as the temperature drops, your feet can start to feel the chill.

Warm them up and give your rooms a cosier look by adding large rugs: that way, you still get to keep your feature floors while adding extra colour and comfort. Stepping out of bed onto luxuriously soft wool will make frosty mornings much easier to bear.

Decorate with blankets

Lie on them, lie under them, wrap yourself up tight in them – no night in binge-watching your favourite series is complete without a favourite warm blanket to snuggle up with.

Even when you’re not using them, they can add texture, warmth and colour to your living room. For a really indulgent touch, you can add an ultra-soft faux-fur throw to give your sofa a luxurious feel.

Go for a woodland theme

Bring nature inside with arrangements of pine cones or stacked firewood, which will not only add a lovely authenticity to your décor, but also lovely natural smells, too.

Or just take inspiration from nature. For example, combine tones of chestnut and burnt umber with woodland prints in soft furnishings or artwork. Add some playful animal-themed cushions to complete the look.

Gather around the fireside

Nothing adds cheer quite like the glowing embers of a real log fire. Make sure you get logs that are properly dry – the wood will look almost white – and try apple-tree wood for the most delicious scent.

If you can’t burn wood in your home, you can still enjoy some fireside charm by creating a lighting feature with fairy lights – try placing them in an unused fireplace or a glass vase for a bit of glow – or a light a cluster of scented candles instead.

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What’s your favourite way to make your home feel cosy? Share your suggestions in the comments below.

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Sinead 25/12/2018

Sitting by the fire with a hot chocolate and blanket watching a movie

Cozy Winter

Invictus1 24/12/2018

I love winter time when the curtains are pulled The heating is on I light scented candles I love a cosy dressing gown to keep me warm

my bed


My bed with fresh sheets after been washed in Bold

Switch to Bold

cunninsu 24/12/2018

I haven't tried the 3 in 1 Bold to date but I am willing to give it a try.

no loss of detergent

mickser 24/12/2018

Hi I am absolutely delighted with these Bold 3in1 Pods in Lotus Flower and Water Lily I was a regular user of Bold washing powder but now I have switched to these Bold 3in1 Pods and find them much better in the washing leaving my clothes with a fresh, clean smell and whats even better is I do not lose anything due to spillage these pods are great

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