Shake up the housework to get your teens involved

Shake up the housework to get your teens involved

Got grudging teens at home who don’t want to pull their weight when it comes to housework? Here are some ideas to get them going.


Got grudging teens at home who don’t want to pull their weight when it comes to housework? Here are some ideas to get them going.

You’ve spent most of your life tidying up after your kids. Now they’re old enough to help, there really is no excuse for them not to.

But the last thing most teenagers want to do is spend their free time doing housework (same for most adults, to be fair). So try these tips to help get them motivated, meaning you can get the chores done quicker, together – and there will be no more need for nagging, which you’ll all be pleased about.

Use a team mindset

After dinner, make it so one of you clears the table, one scrapes the leftovers into the food bin or stores them in the fridge, one does the washing up, and one wipes down the surfaces.

And the good news for the washer upper, is doing the dishes is even easier now with Fairy Washing Up Liquid, which has not only won a Which? Best Buy, but also has a new formula that provides even better cleaning.

And when everyone is pitching in, chores get done faster and more efficiently – you’ll be the dream clean team. Well, that may be wishful thinking, but at least it means you won’t be dealing with all of it alone.

Do chores to tunes

Turn chore time into party time. Put on some music (that your teens approve of!), and rally the team to shimmy and shake your way to a mess-free house.

Even better, if your teen isn’t pulling their weight, you can break out some embarrassing mum moves, make them dance with you or play a song they hate until they can’t stand it anymore and would rather clean the toilet than go through that torture. Wicked but necessary.

If resistance persists, keep persisting!

Pouting? Puppy eyes? Tantrums? Sometimes it can feel easier to simply do the chores yourself rather than asking for help.

But don’t give up. Instead, try sitting down with everyone and asking what day and time they’d prefer to do the housework, if they’d rather do set tasks or mix it up, and so on. Then they’ll feel like they’ve been part of the decision-making process, rather than just being told what to do, and so will naturally feel more inclined to help out.

Make it into a learning experience

Think of what they’re good at and what they enjoy, then ask them to do any household tasks related to that. For example, DIY (with adult supervision if needed) for practical types, ironing and sewing on buttons for those into fashion, and cooking for budding chefs. You can sell it as “work experience” – and they may even enjoy it!

These ideas have been brought to you by Fairy, which cuts through grease and stuck-on food first time, meaning you can all spend less time washing up and more time doing what you enjoy.

How do you get your teens to help out with the housework? Let us know in the comments section below.

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A losing Battle

Invictus1 20/08/2018

My Teen's seem to have selective eyesight where dirt is concerned..!!

step up

caroline 06/07/2018

I gave up nagging my adult children to help with housework . I have been unwell the last few years and it has opened their eyes to the amount of housework i used to do. So on the shopping list is always Fairy washing up liquid easier for them to get and also can be used not only for washing dishes but cleaning bathroom,floors etc.

Nag Nag Nag


At the moment nagging them to do certain chores seems to be the only thing that works! My youngest teen is the better of the two for helping and will just do what is asked. The oldest of the two tries to challenge any request but is starting to improve when she realises that the only way to get clothes, etc is if she helps out! It might be a long Summer!

Team Mindset works well

Elaine 06/07/2018

I use this method and so did my Mum. It gets all involved and rotate the chores weekly. Work gets done quickly and then we can all sit down and relax together. Happy Family!!

Never to young to learn


If you train your children from an early age, that the cleaning fairy is a myth, and that all the family helps to do the chores, make cleaning fun for preschool children and give them task that they enjoy. I remember how important I felt when my Grandma allowed me to dust the skirting boards for the first time.(I was around 4 at the time) Your children grow with domestic skills and a sense of responsibility which are a very useful life skills.

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