Show your home some Valentine's love

Show your home some Valentine's love

Whether it's your pride and joy or you need to fall in loive with your home all over again, February is the perfect time to treat your space to some TLC.

Whether it’s your pride and joy or you need to fall in love with your home all over again, February is the perfect time to treat your space to some TLC.

However house-proud you are, it’s easy to take your living space for granted. As long as it’s functional and clean, we may not take the time to look around us to see whether we actually enjoy the things that surround us.

If you haven’t decorated since the kids left home, there’s loads of opportunity to bring a bit of spring freshness to your walls and floors, but even if you have, a few finishing touches could make all the difference to how you feel about the house. Here are a few of our favourite home updates.

1. Wallpaper and paint

The full Monty The most obvious update, of course, but don’t underestimate what a difference it can make to how your home looks and feels. Not only will it cover up any of those worn bits or old handprints from the kids’ young days, but you can get a bit more experimental with colours or wallpaper choices on one or two walls, which will transform the room.

The easy option Clean up the walls, using Flash Magic Eraser to get rid of any stains or fingerprints, and then use Flash Multi Surface Concentrated Cleaner to blitz skirting boards, doors (particularly near the handles) and floors. Then think about moving your favourite pictures into a frame cluster to change things up a bit. You could even reframe them if you’re feeling extravagant.

2. Posh candles and fragrant flowers

The full Monty The scent of your home says a lot about you to visitors, but living in a fragrant house also makes life more enjoyable for you. The right scent can change your mood, and evoke favourite memories of good times. What more indulgent way to use scent than with regular fresh flowers and luxurious scented candles?

The easy option If you don’t feel like splashing out on expensive candles, why not just bring scent into your life during your everyday tasks? Bold comes in a range of stunning scents that last for ages, meaning your clothes and household fabrics will always be fragrant with no extra effort or expense.

3. Bring sparkle with new hardware

The full Monty One of the most satisfying changes you can make to a bathroom or kitchen is to change the taps and other hardware to something more up-to-date. It can completely transform the look of your room, even if you keep everything else similar.

The easy option If things are looking a bit tired but you’re happy with the overall style of your bathroom hardware, you can save on the expense by making sure you de-limescale your taps and other metals using Viakal. They’ll soon look like new – and its smart water-sheeting technology helps keep them that way!

4. Invest in some lovely new cookware

The full Monty Face it, you’re probably still using most of the same pans and roasting trays you had when you first got a home – and they may well have the remains of 20 years of family dinners on them! Maybe it’s time to invest in some lovely new casserole dishes and other kitchenware – in colours that match the kitchen. What a treat.

The easy version When you’ve got Fairy Platinum by the sink, you can get rid of all the grease and grime build-up with hardly any effort. This formula gets rid of the toughest food particles, leaving your old pans as clean as the day you bought them.

How do you keep your home looking fresh and fabulous? Share your tips with us in the comments box below...

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