Your Post-Summer Clean-up Checklist

Your Post-Summer Clean-up Checklist

Summer is over and it’s time to get your home back in pristine shape. A little bit of prudent housekeeping will soon have it looking as good as new We spend far longer indoors during the winter months than we do in the summer time. Putting in a bit of effort to deep-clean your home now will make it feel so much more welcoming once the gloomier weather sets in.

Tackle the floors
Pay particular attention to your floors, which will have seen more through-traffic and dust thanks to constantly open doors in the summer. Wash tiles or linoleum with a weak solution of water and detergent; wipe down laminate or wooden floors; beat rugs and doormats; and give carpets a thorough vacuum.

Window cleaning
Clean the windows inside and out to allow maximum light to filter through on darker winter days. You don’t need chemicals – use a microfibre cloth, warm water and washing-up liquid; then buff with newspaper for a streak-free shine. Wash the sills inside and inspect the frames outside – now’s the time to fill cracks or touch up paintwork to keep everything watertight. Then spray Febreze to truly eliminate odours and leave a light, fresh scent.

Organise storage space
Go through your wardrobes and drawers to free-up space for thicker winter clothes. Throw things away that no longer fit; donate unwanted items to charity; and store summer clothes in vacuum storage bags (from supermarkets or department stores), then stash them in the loft or under the bed until next year.

Deep clean the bedroom
There’s nothing nicer than a lie-in on a cold morning – so make sure you’re doing it in a clean and cosy bed. Clean your duvets, mattress protectors and pillowcases; turn the mattress upside down and end-to-end to ensure even wear; and treat yourself to a stylish new wool throw or blanket to beat the chill.  

Service heating appliances
Check and bleed your radiators so that they heat up efficiently; and make sure any gas fires have been serviced and are working properly. If you have an open fireplace or wood-burning stove, clear out any old burnt logs or ash, and get your chimney or flue professionally cleaned (you should do this regularly).

Concentrate on living areas
You’ll be spending more time in the kitchen and living room now, so concentrate on these areas. Clean all the surfaces, tidy cupboards, dust shelves, wipe down appliances and use Viakal to remove and prevent limescale. Then, cup of tea to hand, sit back in your freshly gleaming house to admire all your hard work…

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