The cleaning challenges of autumn

The cleaning challenges of autumn

As the summer winds down and grandchildren head back to school, autumn brings a whole new set of cleaning challenges. Whether you’re helping with the school run or taking your four-legged friend for an early morning walk, wetter and colder weather means new seasonal cleaning challenges.

Autumn can be a lovely time of year, but it doesn’t come without some cleaning challenges. Here are some ways to make cleaning up easier on you.

As autumn sets in, this wet and muddy season can play havoc on your home surfaces as muddy foot and paw prints are traipsed through the home.

Whether you’ve started helping with the grandkids’ school run on rainy mornings, or find your usual route for walking the dog has become unusually muddy, Flash has some tips for battling the elements and ensuring your surfaces stay sparkling during the wetter months.

Shoes-off rule: ask your guests to remove their shoes before entering the house to avoid tracking in mud, dirts and leaves. If everyone knows and adheres to the rule, you’ll save yourself lot of time on cleaning!

Welcome mats: introducing mats to the internal and external entrances of your home is another great way to help prevent unwanted dirt from being brought into your home. They’re not only functional, but finding one with an autumnal design or colours brings an extra bit of ambience to your home at the turn of the season.

Towels at the ready: consider leaving a towel by the door to wipe down muddy dogs or dry small, wet hands before they enter the house. This will cut down on the amount of mud that makes it way onto your walls and floors.

Straight to the tub: take your furry friend for a hose-down as soon as you get out of the car to avoid them running riot on your flooring. If you have a garden, wash their paws in lukewarm water in a shallow dish and dry them on the doorstep.

If your dog loves to roll in mud or wallow in puddles, it’s worth heading straight to the bathroom for a doggy bath – complete with dog shampoo and a towel down afterwards.

Once it’s all done… try Flash Multi Surface Concentrated Cleaner: tackle muddy residue and dirt in your bathroom or shower with Flash Multi Surface Concentrated Cleaner. It has double the cleaning power* to quickly dissolve grease & dirt while leaving a fresh scent and brilliant shine – and its convenient bottle size is perfect for washing down your surfaces once you get home with a muddy dog in tow!

What are your top tips to get your home sparkling clean once the grandkids are back to school? Comment below to share any words of wisdom – we’d love to hear from you!

*vs. Flash dilute

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