The 15-minute kitchen clean

The 15-minute kitchen clean

When time is short and the kitchen’s a bombsite, here’s how to transform it in just a quarter of an hour.

With spring finally here, you don’t want to be stuck inside a minute longer than you have to be. But don’t worry, this speedy kitchen routine will soon have you out in the fresh air.

Weren’t we supposed to have oceans of time on our hands by this point in our lives? Hmm… turns out life’s still pretty hectic! Which is why it’s useful to have this super-speedy, almost effortless kitchen clean up your sleeve. A 15-minute whirlwind, leaving you time to get out and enjoy yourself, your way.

Minute 1

Clear all counters and throw out any packaging. Put all foodstuffs away.

Minutes 2-5

Load everything into your dishwasher and switch it on. With Fairy Platinum dishwasher tablets there’s no need to rinse. Plus they’re so powerful, they not only clean your dishes, but also remove hidden grease from your dishwasher… And a cleaner dishwasher means you get sparkling clean dishes wash after wash, saving time every day.

Minutes 5-8

Hand-wash anything left over using Fairy Liquid Platinum and then wipe down your sink, drainer and squeeze out the washing-up cloth.

Minutes 8-10

Clear any clutter, like bills and paperwork. Pop old newspapers and magazines into the recycling.

Minutes 10-12

Grab your Flash Multi-Purpose Concentrated Cleaner  and wipe down work surfaces, your hob and the fridge.

Minutes 13-15

Grab the hoover or a brush and sweep the floors. Finish off with a spritz of Febreze Air Effects to eliminate any remaining odours and leave a fresh, clean-smelling scent.


Do you have any tips for spending less time on cleaning? Share your ideas in the comments box below.

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Mommys hobby

Shauna 28/04/2017

I spend less time cleaning by spending less time at home lol. I like to put on my music and clean around , being pregnant on my 4th child , cleaning is crucial lol , I find it very therapeutic though. 😀

A place for everyanything and

Anne 27/04/2017

When I have only a few minutes to clean up and the place looks chaotic and there are a plethora of random bits to tidy away, I rush around saying 'a place for everything and everything in its place' ! Picking up one thing at a time and putting it back in its place. I sound like a mad woman but it works for next!

All year cleaning

mickser 27/04/2017

Everyone has heard of spring cleaning now with these products Fairy Platinum dishwasher tablets Fairy Liquid Platinum Flash Multi-Purpose Concentrated Cleaner and Febreze Air Effects you can clean for the whole year without having to wait for spring time

Get some helping hands

macshah 27/04/2017

Kitchen cleaning is always a fun activity for our family. I always get my children involve in this activity and delegate different tasks to them and they find it very exciting and enjoy it a lot. During the course of this activity, they find some surprise treat in shape of some hidden cookies and chocolates ;-). So it is always a win-win situation for all of us.

Kids Toy Hamper

Junekay 26/04/2017

Buy a spare laundry hamper for clearing away kids toys & keep in a cupboard.

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