The pre-holiday clean you’ll be so glad you did

The pre-holiday clean you’ll be so glad you did

After a long time away, it’s a relief to come back to a tidy home. Try this checklist of quick jobs to do before you go on holiday and reap the benefits later.

After a long time away, it’s a relief to come back to a tidy home. Try this checklist of quick jobs to do before you go on holiday and reap the benefits later.

It usually feels like there’s a million and one things to do before you go on holiday. And that can mean household tasks get overlooked in the rush.

But it all catches up with you later when you come back after your trip to find a messy house, just when you least feel like cleaning up.

A bit of planning can help avoid that sinking feeling at the end of your holiday. We’ve put together a pre-holiday checklist of little tasks to get out of the way before you go on your way.

Investing a few minutes in each of those will pay off in a big way when you open the door to the calm, clean welcoming home you love.

Empty the washing basket

You’ll be heading home with a full complement of dirty holiday clothes, so all the laundry baskets will fill up as soon as you unpack. Try to get ahead of the rush by clearing the backlog of washing before you go. You’ll be glad of it once your holiday is over.

Blitz the bathroom

It needn’t take long to spruce up the bathroom so it looks like new when you return. With Flash to cut through bathroom grime and Viakal to rapidly dissolve limescale, getting the shine back on your surfaces is just a matter of a quick spray and wipe.

Wash the dishes

If you dash out of the door to the airport with dirty dishes and plates in the sink, pests could have a field day. But with Fairy Platinum dishwasher tablets, you can just pop your breakfast things in the machine knowing they’ll be sparkling clean on your return.

Wipe down kitchen surfaces

Crumbs from the morning toast, spatters of bacon fat by the cooker – it might not look so bad now, but you won’t welcome the sight when you come home. Give the kitchen counters a quick spritz of Flash to get them clean in an instant.

Clean out the fridge

It can happen to the best of us: you go away for a couple of weeks only to return to some real horrors in the fridge. Give yours a quick look and throw away anything likely to expire while you’re on your trip.

Change the sheets

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of clean sheets, and it’s never better than when you’ve been away from your own bed. Give the bedding a quick change before you leave and you’ll feel the benefit when it’s time to rest those weary bones after a long flight.

Empty the bins

Rubbish festering in the bin for weeks can really spoil your return home. To make sure nothing gets left behind, wait until the last moment before you’re ready to leave and then make sure to empty the bins.

Spritz some Febreze

For one last touch to make sure that you return to a fresh-scented, welcoming home, spray a little Febreze Air Effects around before you leave. It neutralises any lingering odours ensuring that the only thing that you smell when you come back is your favourite fragrance.

Fancy laying on the perfect welcome for your own return? Try cooking a simple supper that you can freeze and instantly reheat when you get home from the airport.

You can also schedule an online grocery delivery so you can get all the essentials like bread and milk delivered to your door. Then sit back and enjoy your holiday knowing you’re prepared like never before.

How do you prepare your house before you leave on holiday? Let us know in the comments.

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evelina 18/07/2017

😂 always leaving a mess before travelling 100% will try this 👌👌

Nice in theory

Rose 18/07/2017

I am usually so frantic trying to pack up for all the whole family that the place is usually left like it has been ransacked!!


sharon 18/07/2017

Great tips:)

holiday homecoming

Berni 17/07/2017

Yes always throw out anything that might rot while you're away. Hate comming home To 'hunt the smell"

Empty the Fruit bowl


We went away in June and I cleaned everything, except the fruit bowl the smell was dire and fruit fly's everywhere. Horrible

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