The speedy house clean

The speedy house clean

Spend less time cleaning and more time having fun

Remember how when the kids were little and you seemed to be forever cleaning up endless Lego? You probably imagined that by now the house would always be immaculate and housework would be a doddle. Except somehow it didn’t quite work out like that! The good news is there are simple strategies that can help you to make lighter work of the housework.

Clean as you go along

Housework doesn’t seem like such a big number if you keep on top of things. Don’t let dishes pile up in the sink, do your washing regularly, always put things away straight after using them – all obvious stuff really but easy to forget in the daily rush!

Get a routine going

Ever heard the expression about jobs expanding to fit the time available? If you have a set schedule for when you clean, and allot yourself a set amount of time for each task, chances are you’ll get through it quicker than if you just do things on an ad-hoc basis.

Get organised

Set aside an hour or so to go through your cleaning cupboard, sorting everything out into categories and chucking out anything ancient, so that you don’t waste precious time looking for what you need.

Recruit your cleaning team

Get the whole family involved in the chores. Your husband could be King of The Bathroom Clean, for example, and with a little gentle persuasion even teenagers can usually be coerced into helping out.

Treat yourself to the best kit

Flash Multi-Surface Concentrated Cleaner is an all-purpose cleaning hero that’ll make your life so much simpler. You can use it all around the house, and it’s perfect for everything from floors to sinks. Similarly, it’s best not to put up with appliances that aren’t up to the job. A new vacuum cleaner may seem like an indulgence, but if it stops you having to waste time going over the same bit of carpet again and again and again, it’ll quickly earn its keep.

Be methodical

Start at the door to each room and then clean in a circle from top to bottom. This will help you avoid missing a spot or cleaning the same bit twice.

Have a no-shoes-indoors policy

Most of the dirt around the house is brought in from outside on the soles of your shoes. Put slippers out in the hallway for your guests. Give it a go and you’ll quickly see a big difference!

What are your speedy cleaning tips?

Are you the goddess of the quick clean-up? We’d love you to share what works for you

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