Tricks to minimise the Christmas clean-up

Tricks to minimise the Christmas clean-up

Don't spend hours doing the housework this festive season; take a look at Viakal's top tips to help you maximise family time.

Don’t spend hours doing housework this festive season; take a look at Viakal’s top tips to help you minimise cleaning time and maximise family time.

Nothing brings friends and family together like Christmas, from decorating the tree together to carolling or snuggling on the sofa watching your favourite Christmas films.

As the kids grow up and friends and family move away, it’s also the time for reuniting with the loved ones you might only have the chance to see over the festive period.

So don’t let clearing up after guests get in the way of making magical memories this Christmas. Here are our top tips to help you cut the time you spend on cleaning so that you can spend more time with your family and friends.

Do a big clean beforehand

Give your home a deep clean before your guests arrive, so you just have to maintain it while they’re staying.

Dust all the surfaces, clean the windows and wash the linens to ensure everything is ready. And make sure you don’t forget about the most used room in the house: the bathroom. Limescale-stained sinks, taps and showers can put off even the least fussy guests.

Choose the right cleaner so it does most of the work for you. Viakal’s fast-acting solution clings to limescale, while its fizzing action gently lifts off hardened layers, leaving surfaces sparkling. Even better, Viakal adds a protective layer that prevents limescale from even forming – so less work for you in the long run!


Even if you don’t have time to clean-up after guests every day, decluttering counters, table tops and other surfaces will help give your house a look of order.

This goes for Christmas decorations too. If you go overboard, you risk your house just looking messy. Instead, pick your favourite signature pieces, such as a well-dressed tree, some festive cushions and a set of carved wooden reindeer, and put them on display – going for minimal décor will will make them stand out even more.

A festive spirit in the air

The last thing you want your guest to remember is a smelly home. Freshen up a room in two minutes by adding festive candles, potpourri, or air fresheners to the mix. Try a classic holiday scent like gingerbread, cinnamon or pine to get your guests in the holiday spirit.

For a quick fix, try a festive can of Febreze. Perfect for keeping in places like the kitchen or bathroom to help neutralise any unpleasant odours.

What are your top tips to cut cleaning time during Christmas? Let us know in the comments section below.

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