Seek the unique: where to find stunning pieces for your home

Seek the unique: where to find stunning pieces for your home

Lynnette Peck explores the creative variety of enthusiastic interiors collectors and stockists across the UK – all making shopping for the home a real pleasure.

Lynnette Peck explores the creative variety of enthusiastic interiors collectors and stockists across the UK – all making shopping for the home a real pleasure.

Browsing around the shops for home inspiration is the perfect excuse to get out this spring and explore. Your search might even take you to another town for the day. Here are some of my favourite interiors stores offering something a little special.

For modern minimalism

Do you love new, modern, clean lines and Scandinavian chic? Think simple glass jars, hanging plant pots, simple wooden hooks and grey pottery. If you don’t like a fuss, are into minimalism and don’t want ornate or colourful, then Hoos in Glasgow caters for you. The store is in the city’s West End and has homewares, gift products, leather goods and toiletries. It is a fabulous, one-stop, trendy lifestyle shop in essence.

Hoos, 715 Gt Western Road, Glasgow G12 8QX

For vintage heaven

If antiques, vintage pieces, oddities and curios are for you then head to Hereford. You’ll find a shop that reflects the best of vintage interior chic – full of beautiful and unique pieces that are also quirky, but in a good way. One day you might find a Chinese scroll and an old lamp or a set of fish-shaped crockery. If you like your home to be filled with individual collectibles, old items that are talking pieces, then this is the perfect place to shop.

The New Curiosity Shop, 36 Church Street, Hereford HR1 2LR.

For romance

Do you crave a touch of romance at home? Plenty of white, washed wood, shabby chic and elegant styles? As you walk in to Berrys & Grey in Norwich, expect to see large chandeliers, faux fur throws, white couches, flowers and oversize lighting. Spread over two floors, Berrys & Grey have just about everything you need for the home and garden, from candles to clocks to furniture, lighting, paint and fabrics. You can even attend a Berrys & Grey Chalk Paint Workshop where you can learn various painting techniques.

Berrys & Grey, 4 & 5 The Royal Arcade, Norwich, Norfolk NR2 1NQ.

For seaside treasures

My house is filled with nautical and seaside-inspired pieces (wooden lamps, candles, coat hooks, Christmas decorations, mugs and more), so Pomegranate is a personal favourite and somewhere I go to whenever I visit the Isle of Wight.

The style of this homeware store is seaside chic and they do it very well, catering for the local yachting community and beyond. Bembridge is a seaside village so you can buy everything blue and white and wooden to your heart’s content in Pomegranate. The owner Sharon will even offer you a cup of tea and is a very good listener if you need to offload. I am burning one of their sea salt candles whilst I write this column.

Pomegranate, 37 High Street, Bembridge, Isle of Wight PO35 5SD.

For glamour

Interior designer and former fashion editor Valerie Wade’s passions range from art deco and mother of pearl furniture to Indian textiles and mirrored pieces that echo old Hollywood glamour. Her shop is filled with luxe, glamorous homewares that are both new and vintage and she scours the globe for them. In the late 1960s she was even a section editor of a section of the Sunday Times Magazine called Design for Living.

Valerie Wade, 108 Fulham Road, Kensington, London SW3 6HS.

Feel inspired?

It’s often a bit of an art form decorating a room or curating pieces to add to your home. Different styles, colours, textures and mediums can give you a wholly different experience.

Don’t feel rushed if you aren’t sure – take the time to decide what you want to reflect in your home and get it right.

Alternatively there are also some great table-top markets across the country where you can sell on any unwanted purchases!

Do you have any independent interiors stores you simply love? Please do share the details in the comments section below.

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