Where the wild things are…

Where the wild things are…

Transform your garden into a wildlife wonderland with our green-fingered suggestions

Transform your garden into a wildlife wonderland with our green-fingered suggestions

Nature needs our help more than ever, especially with the bee population declining at an alarming rate.

But by making a few changes, you could welcome wildflowers, bees, butterflies, birds and woodland creatures into your back garden.

Not only will you be helping out the flora and fauna, but you’ll be bringing the beauty of spring right to your doorstep.

And you can welcome the sweet smell of wildflowers into your home too, with Lenor’s new sumptuous fragrance, Wild Flower Bloom. Add a capful to your wash and your laundry will smell as divine as your garden.

So without further ado, here’s how to make your new, nature-friendly patch…

Say no to the mow

Hate mowing the lawn? Then don’t! If you let your grass grow, you’ll be amazed at the abundance of wildflowers that can grow with it.

Wildflowers provide food and shelter for a host of insects, including bees, butterflies, ladybirds and caterpillars. Then, pretty soon, hedgehogs and other small animals will be attracted by the veritable bug buffet.

If you can’t quite face the idea of letting your whole lawn go wild, pick a patch or two in open, sunny spots and leave them to become mini-meadows.

Bring in berries and blossom

Blossom provides pollen and nectar for bees and other insects, plus it looks beautiful, while berries are great for attracting birds.

Shrubs such as crab apples, elders, and blackthorn and hawthorn bushes are ideal, then, as they provide both berries and blossom.

To make your garden really bee friendly, plant yellow, white, purple and blue flowers, start up a fruit and veg patch with cucumbers, strawberries and squash, and keep your herb pots outside or by an open window as a welcome mat to those lovely bumbles.

Put in a pond

Little attracts wildlife like a pond, from dragonflies to frogs – and of course you can fill it with gorgeous fish, such as koi carps.

It’s quite a job and will take two or three weekends to complete. You’ll need a large enough garden so that you can pick a nice sunny spot and not be in danger of falling in it! (If you have young grandchildren, a pond may not be a good idea at all.)

You’ll also need to consider the shape you want, the need to access to a water butt for overflow when it rains, and what plants you want to line it with.

For a step-by-step guide to building your own pond, check out wildaboutgardens.co.uk

What wildlife to you love to spot in your garden? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Love Spring

Invictus1 03/05/2017

I always leave birdseed out for the babybirds I love hearing them singing My husband has just tidied up the garden because of the good weather A bird must have dropped a seed last year because there is a gorgeous flower growing out of the top of my back wall??!!

Birds in the Garden

Margaret 22/04/2017

I put out peanuts and bird seed ground cover for all the little birds to enjoy. As well as the smell of the lovely spring flowers, I also have the sound of the little birds singing. I use Lenor Wild Flower Bloom Fabric Conditioner to bring the aroma of spring inside the house. So I have the best of both worlds indoors and out.

Imaginary Garden

mickser 11/04/2017

I do not have a garden but most of my friends think I do.That is because I use Lenor Wild Flower Bloom Fabric Conditioner in all of my washing and it leaves the whole house smelling of a fresh spring garden

Birds and butterflies


I love to see birds and butterflies in our garden. They add life, colour and beautiful sounds to that special place!

feeding the bees

Invictus1 10/04/2017

My Lavender plant is a magnet for the bee's

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