Why Autumn Cleaning Is The New Spring Cleaning

Why Autumn Cleaning Is The New Spring Cleaning

Why is Autumn the new month for a good,deep clean? Well, it’s a season of new beginnings for you and the family. Check out our autumn cleaning tips here!

More than spring, autumn is the time when your house needs a huge deep-clean to keep the family healthy and happy

Clean up the kitchen

If all that summer entertaining has left the kitchen in a grubby state, now’s the time to blitz the oven, clean out the cupboards and defrost the fridge and freezer. Pack away the barbecue equipment and bin any chipped or cracked crockery to make more room in your cupboards.

Look on the bright side

Beat the winter blues by making the most of the brief bit of natural light we get on a wintry day. Give your windows a good clean, and remove any mould caused by condensation, using tea tree essential oil mixed with water and a sponge. And don’t forget to clean skylights and mirrors.

Beat the bugs

Before you switch on the central heating, give your whole house a thorough vacuum, including under the furniture. Closed windows and high interior heat create the perfect breeding ground for harmful microbes and dust mite allergens; so get rid of them before they become a problem.

Pack away your bikini

Moths love damp, sweaty clothes, so wash and dry-clean your summer wardrobe making sure to dry garments thoroughly before you pack them away, preferably in lidded plastic boxes. Don’t forget to add a bag of lavender or cedar balls to prevent moth damage.

Make it cosy

In Denmark they call it ‘hygge’ – making your home a happy, welcoming place to snuggle up in. Scented candles, throws, winter warmers, a log fire or wood burner and low-slung dining room lights give your home a warm, relaxed feel. Use Febreze so you can truly eliminate odours and be left with a light, fresh scent.

Winter-proof the garden

Your garden furniture needs protection from the elements. First give it a thorough clean to prevent the build-up of mould and mildew, make sure any cushions are dry, then pack it away, or cover with rainproof covers.

Spruce up the soft furnishings

A summer of indoor/outdoor living means sweaty legs, sun cream and ice-cream spills will have left your home’s upholstery grubby. Vacuum it thoroughly and dry clean or wash the covers to freshen up your living space. And don’t forget to air your mattresses and wash or dry clean your duvet covers and pillows to prevent dust mites.

Swipe the spiders

Halloween is over! Get rid of those cobwebs with Swiffer – the mop and cloths attract and keep three times more dirt and dust so you can blitz them in seconds.

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