Best time to travel on an adventure holiday

Best time to travel on an adventure holiday

Adventure holiday? The best time to travel is now!

Have you ever found enough time to go and see all those beautiful places in the world you dreamed about? It’s never too late to do it, because now is the best time to travel. Life is for living and finally we need to step off the hamster wheel. Now, when kids are grown, you are no longer tied to your job and boring home duties are no longer an excuse. So you can travel when you wish and where you want to. It seems to be the best time for you. Lots of free time, renewed energy and the bigger than ever flexibility. Also, contrary to years that passed there’s almost limitless variety of possibilities. From traditional bus tours through Europe, safaris in East Africa, cruises up the rivers of South America, up to educational programs in university campuses. Why not to follow your curiosity and enjoy your own pure and undistorted experience.
Travel tips
- First, it’s good to find a good companion. Travelling solo is great but when you pare down with someone else, you just feel more safe and do not need to be watchful for your surroundings so much. When selecting the destination, try to find the one where you can forget about the time.
- Try not to take too much items. Pack just the most comfortable clothes that are easy to wash and dry. It’s easier to wash your shirt and wear it few times than to pull heavy luggage here and there.
- Bring reliable products that help you to feel fresh and beautiful.

Go cruising
This can be a simple idea for your romantic second honeymoon. These days they are more popular than ever. Delightfully lazy and exciting, whether you cruise down Danube to collect memories from Budapest, Bratislava and Vienna. Or up the Orinoco River to the heart of Venezuela. Or to see breathtaking scenery of Alaska mountains if you want to face North America’s treasures.

Recharge your batteries in tropical islands
Lie flat in a tropical wonderland of Hawaii and enjoy the pleasurable time of your absolute gateway.

Let Maori kiss you
Fly to New Zealand and experience first hand one of the most unique and beautiful Maori’s culture.

Look at the world from its roof
Everyone who is determined enough can climb on the highest mountains in the world. Go to Nepal before mass tourists from Japan and US will stamp this place out completely.

See Niagara Falls
American tourist offices recommend to visit Niagara Falls in September, when The Niagara Wine Festival takes place. In this period more than two dozens of wineries hold special events. If you prefer the fireworks, illuminations and concerts, choose a period from November till January when The Winter Festival of Light goes.

Warm up in Florida
If you love lying on a warm and sunny beach, think of Florida. It offers a lot of great beaches, resorts and restaurants with tasty sea food.

Go party in Las Vegas
This mind-blowing city serves you sinful hot spots, giant palaces for shopping, sexy restaurants and monstrous casinos where you can enjoy really wild time. Don’t leave without watching the colorful Bellagio Fountains and Cirque de Soleil show.

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