Take our Christmas music quiz!

Take our Christmas music quiz!

Do you know your White Christmas from your Winter Wonderland? Take our quiz to find out!

Take our Christmas music quiz!

Do you know your White Christmas from your Winter Wonderland? Take our quiz to find out!

Would you make Santa proud with your Christmas song knowledge or are you more of a Bah ‘Humm’bug?

Gather your friends and family, grab a pen and paper for your answers, and put your music knowledge to the test with the following questions…

1 - Which classic Christmas song do these opening lines belong to?

"Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?"

a) Winter Wonderland

b) Silver Bells

c) Santa Claus is Coming to Town

2 – Who is the only member of the Rolling Stones to have made a Christmas record?

a) Keith Richards with Run Rudolph Run

b) Mick Jagger with Little Drummer Boy

c) Charlie Watts with Little Drummer Boy

3 – In the film Love Actually, Billy Mack (played by Bill Nighy) has a Christmas Number One, a reworking of a Troggs’ classic. What was it?

a) Wild Thing

b) A Girl Like You

c) Love is All Around

4 – Which of these singles topped the Christmas charts for 10 weeks?

a) I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston

b) Mull of Kintyre by Wings

c) I Want to Hold Your Hand by The Beatles

5 – Match the artists with their singles:

Artists Single
Elton John Driving Home for Christmas
Queen Christmas Lights
Elvis Presley Thank God It’s Christmas
Coldplay Blue Christmas
Chris Rea Step Into Christmas

6 – Eartha Kitt had a hit with Santa Baby in the 1950s. Who re-recorded it in 2003?

a) Lily Allen

b) Kylie Minogue

c) Christina Aguilera

7 – Who has clocked up the most Number One Christmas singles?

a) The Beatles

b) Cliff Richard

c) Westlife

8 – Which of these punk bands have not recorded a Christmas song?

a) Stiff Little Fingers

b) The Sex Pistols

c) Blondie

9 – How many versions of Do They Know It’s Christmas have been released?

a) 1

b) 2

c) 3

10 – These three artists have enjoyed hits with the song Always on My Mind. Only one had a UK Christmas Number One with it. Who?

a) Willie Nelson in 1982

b) Elvis Presley in 1982

c) The Pet Shop Boys in 1987

11 – Lily Allen topped the charts in 2013 with a cover of a Keane song. Name it.

a) Silenced by the Night

b) She Has No Time

c) Somewhere Only We Know

12 – In Last Christmas by Wham, who does George Michael give his heart to?

a) His true love

b) Someone special

c) Father Christmas

13 – Who sings the opening line in the original Band Aid single?

a) Paul Young

b) Bono

c) George Michael

14 – Only one band has topped the Christmas charts twice with the same single. Who?

a) Wizzard I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday

b) Slade Merry Christmas Everybody

c) Queen Bohemian Rhapsody

15 – Who sang the theme tune to ‘The Snowman’ Walking in the Air?

a) Charlotte Church

b) Lena Zavaroni

c) Aled Jones

16 – Only two bands have ever had three consecutive Christmas Number Ones. Are they:

a) The Shadows and The Beatles

b) The Beatles and The Spice Girls

c) The Spice Girls and Take That

17 – In 2009, an internet campaign propelled which unlikely band to a UK Christmas Number One?

a) Rage Against the Machine with Killing in the Name

b) The Beastie Boys with (you Gotta) Fight for your Right (to Party)

c) Nirvana with Come As You Are

18 – Stay Another Day was a massive Christmas hit for East 17 in which year?

a) 2004

b) 1994

c) 1997

19 – What did Bing Crosby wish your days would be in White Christmas?

a) Sparkly and bright

b) Sparkly as night

c) Merry and bright

20 – ‘New Girl’ actress Zooey Deschanel recorded an album of Christmas songs as one half of the duo She & Him. In the film ‘Elf’, what song did she sing to keep Santa’s sleigh airborne?

a) Sleigh Ride

b) Silver Bells

c) Santa Claus is Coming to Town

21 – Finally, name the hits containing these Christmas lyrics:

a) "The party’s on, the feelin’s here, that only comes this time of year"

b) "Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful"

c) "Are you hanging up a stocking on your wall?"

d) "Well, tonight thank God it’s them instead of you"

d) "Let’s hope it’s a good one, without any fear"

Click here to find out the answers.

How did you do? Let us know in the comments section below.

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