15 Emotions Every Hostess Feels At Christmas

15 Emotions Every Hostess Feels At Christmas

Make the most out of your Christmas this year and put your worries aside when hosting. Read about 15 emotions every hostess feels at Christmas time.

It’s a wonderful time… but Christmas is also a logistical nightmare as we juggle relatives, presents, cooking, cleaning and the rest. It can certainly put a strain on family relationships. How many of these scenarios sound all too familiar?

1. Will there be enough food?

And is anyone vegetarian this year? Oh no, vegan! Can you ban someone for being picky or is that rude?

2. Where’s everyone going to sleep?

And sit to eat dinner… Can some of them sit on sofas? Casual dining, isn’t it? Yes. Sofas. Fine.

3. Where’s that fancy tablecloth?

I only bought it six months ago…

4. What will we all do after dinner if it rains?

Please don’t let it rain. There are not enough indoor games in the world to entertain the little ones. Last year someone drew on the wall. I've only just recovered.

5. Here they come!

Ah, I love Christmas. We should all get together more often.

6. Where’s the gin?

And the tonic. And more gin…

7. What’s that smell?

I bet it’s that dog. Time to get out the Febreze. It’s the only thing that truly eliminates odours and leaves a light, fresh scent. That’s better!

8. Is that smoke?

Burning! Okay, the smell wasn’t the dog. It’s the potatoes. I’ll chip off the black bits. Cor, this is boring. Right, I’ll just call them charred potatoes. It’s a chef-y thing. Everyone will be doing it next year.

9. Look at all that food!

I feel guilty just looking at it. There is a table under there somewhere. Better too much than not enough though… I think.

10. Clever me buying presents in the sales last year

I've left the price tag on! And the one that says 50% off! And the one that says final reductions! Please don't turn your gift over, please don't turn your gift over…

11. No one likes their presents

She clearly doesn’t like her candle. That’s fine though. Totally fine. You’re all getting vouchers next year.

12. What. A. Mess

If I get the Fairy and rubber gloves out, maybe someone else will take the hint and do the washing-up… Anyone? No? I mean Fairy Platinum is three times faster at cleaning tough grease. Come on people.

13. Am so very tired!

How long until they go home? I’ve been baking, cooking and cleaning for 36 hours straight.

14. Will anyone notice if I go to bed?

Oh, they’re all asleep on the sofa anyway.

15. The house is too quiet

When can we do it all over again?

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