Creating The Perfect Party Playlist

Creating The Perfect Party Playlist

Every good party has great party music. Music sets the mood so it’s important to get your best songs together. Check out our party playlist tips.

The drink’s on ice, you’ve dusted down the sparkly shoes, and you’re ready to party. Here’s how to keep the dance floor packed…

Plan your playlist

Think about who will be attending and the kind of vibe you want to create. Dancey? Pop? Old Skool? Plan for at least three hours of music so your playlist doesn’t have to be repeated.

Start off with mellow tunes

People want to chat when they first arrive, so choose mellow music like The Dock Of The Bay by Otis Redding. This can be kept at a low-ish volume so it blends in with the background and doesn’t overwhelm your guests.

Take the party up-tempo

As more people arrive and your party starts to gain momentum, switch to up-beat tunes. Stick with big hits, both retro and current – now’s not the time to challenge everyone with an obscure track by an unknown artist.

Keep your playlist pacey

Make sure the tempo stays consistent between songs. Once everyone starts dancing the transition between songs needs to be smooth, or they’ll all head to the bar.

Think ‘party’ not ‘cool’

However edgy people may be in their day-to-day tastes, when the urge to dance takes them it’s the party anthems - the ridiculously upbeat jams - that win out. Yes to Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Push It by Salt-N-Pepa. And don’t forget to throw in plenty of the old party Motown songs.

Choose good party songs

Towards the end of your play list it’s a good idea to include songs with a distinctive dance to keep the show-offs happy. Vogue by Madonna, Single Ladies by Beyoncé, Saturday Night Fever by the Bee Gees and Thriller by Michael Jackson.

Avoid mood killers

You may love them when they come on the radio, but avoid embarrassing songs that will clear the dance floor in seconds flat. Like Come On Eileen with it’s dramatic and annoying changes of tempo, Cotton Eye Joe (no we don’t want to line dance) and Macarena (annoyingly slow and no one can remember the moves).

Be a people pleaser

Think about your most important guests – your best friend or your partner, or someone who’s going through a tough time – and include something you know they’ll love. If someone’s a big Bowie fan and you play a spot of Ziggy, it’s bound to make them feel included and special.

Build to a musical finale

End the night with something anthemic so everyone can have a sing-along (and even a group hug). Sure-fire winners are Never Forget by Take That, Common People by Pulp or Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen.

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