Holidays that offer something for you and your partner

Holidays that offer something for you and your partner

Stuck finding a holiday destination you’ll both enjoy? Here’s our guide to trips that’ll suit couples with even the most diverse wish-lists…

Stuck finding a holiday destination you’ll both enjoy? Here’s our guide to trips that’ll suit couples with even the most diverse wish-lists…

Travel is a very personal thing. We may share our lives and homes with our partners, but we don’t always share the same likes and dislikes when it comes to choosing where to go on holiday.

You may like shopping breaks, luxury travel and sunbathing; while he likes active holidays, camping and visiting museums around the world.

Or perhaps you’re an adventurous type who yearns to spend your breaks seeing exciting sights, while he loves nothing more than an afternoon on a lounger with a good book.

Finding a destination that offers something for different tastes like this can be tricky, so here’s our guide to holidays you can both enjoy…

Go on a cruise

As well as offering the ultimate in relaxation, modern cruise itineraries also take in a huge range of exciting, interesting destinations.

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For holiday relaxers: Peace, quiet and pampering – not to mention fine dining – in the array of on-board spas, pools and gourmet restaurants.

For holiday adventurers: If either of you gets itchy feet on holiday, pick a cruise that takes in the icy scenery of Iceland and the calming fjords of Norway; a transatlantic crossing from Europe ending with a weekend in New York; or an exciting cruise along the Panama Canal and around the coastline of South America.

Explore Italy

Italy is a country of contrasts and Naples, in particular, is an ideal starting point for those who like a bit of everything when it comes to spending time away.

For holiday relaxers: Sorrento. From Naples, take a boat, hydrofoil or coach to this beautiful city and enjoy the picturesque views, pretty beaches and great food.

For holiday adventurers: The ancient Roman town of Pompeii is one of the most fascinating historical sites in the world. Just a short hop from Naples and Sorrento, it was perfectly preserved in ash after nearby volcano Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79AD.

Marvel at Morocco

Exotic yet easy to navigate, magical Marrakech is a city full of surprises.

For holiday relaxers: The accommodation. Staying in a riad right in the middle of the city is a unique experience. These traditional homes-turned-guest houses are built around a courtyard and, once inside their walls, you’re in an oasis of calm away from the urban clamour and noise.

For holiday adventurers: The unique shopping experience. Explore the vibrant and colourful maze-like souks where you can haggle over everything from perfumes, bags and jewellery, to clothes, baskets, carpets and slippers. The stunning Majorelle Gardens (once owned by fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent) and beautiful Bahia Palace are also worth visiting.

Take a Rocky ride

Book an unforgettable trip aboard Canada’s Rocky Mountaineer – with several different routes to choose from, it’s the best way to see the breathtaking Rockies. Or travel across Russia, Mongolia and Siberia on the romantic Trans-Siberian Express.

For holiday relaxers: A comfy, easy way to view inspiring landscapes, stunning mountains and local scenery, with gourmet food and wine onboard throughout your journey.

For holiday adventurers: As well as the excitement of the train itself, there’s the opportunity to take trips and excursions along the route, whether it’s whale watching in Canada, or a tour of Irkutsk in eastern Siberia, founded by the Cossacks.

Sleep like royalty in India

Stunningly beautiful and fascinating, too, a stay in one of India’s palace hotels is an experience neither of you will forget. Try the Rambagh Palace or Sujan Rajmahal Palace in Jaipur, Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur or Rawla Narlai in Rajastan.

For holiday relaxers: The opulent interiors. High ceilings, amazing artwork, lamp-lit terraces – all this, plus the experience of having your every need catered for.

For holiday adventurers: The history. Most are former royal residences, and from the elegant antiques to the immaculately manicured gardens (with resident peacocks), it’s easy to imagine you’ve stepped back to the time of the Maharajahs. Then there are, of course, the adventures to be had in India, a country that offers a riot of colours, people and unique experiences.

Have you got any great tips for travelling with your other half?  Please comment below – we’d love to hear them.

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Excellent article that contains tips for holidays as a couple. We were looking for something like this.

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