From confidence to conversation: 5 New Year's resolutions you'll actually enjoy

From confidence to conversation: 5 New Year's resolutions you'll actually enjoy

Here we go again: time for the hardcore New Year regime. We say no! Instead, how about some resolutions that actually make you feel great?

Here we go again: time for the hardcore New Year regime. We say no! Instead, how about some resolutions that actually make you feel great?

Year after year, we hear the same refrain: New Year, new you! As if January wasn’t hard enough to cope with, the magazines berate us for our overindulgence and insist we live on a lettuce leaf a day (or a pint of ‘green juice’ for a treat!). Even the word ‘resolutions’ sounds like hard work.

Well, not this year, pop pickers. Resolutions, ambitions, whatever you want to call them: let’s make them fun, feel-good and as healing for the soul as they are for the body. Here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Be the change you want to see

Nothing’s quite as rewarding as helping to effect major changes in the world, and thanks to the internet we know more and more about what’s going on out there.


Whether you want to raise money for a cancer charity with a run, help stock a foodbank, visit an elderly neighbour or even get involved in conservation – as Fixodent did when they helped give 20 wild animals their bite back! – you’ll feel good, and you’ll be doing good too.

2. Learn a new skill

Almost everyone has something they’ve always wanted to learn – how to play piano, how to throw a pot, how to speak Italian, how to write that book... But we keep on putting it off. So make this the January you actually do it. Local courses will be listed online, and once you’ve booked a whole term, you’ll feel obliged to go! You never know – it could lead to the start of a whole new career or business.

Our article Five ways to make more time for hobbies has some great tips on how to decide what to do with your time.

3. Exercise your brain

After years of bringing up a family, and going to work day in day out, it can sometimes feel like your mind is stagnating. Don’t let it! After 50, the best way to keep your brain agile and alert is to exercise it, according to research from King’s College London, funded by the Alzheimer’s Society.

There are lots of games online and on your phone, but to really concentrate, the crossword or sudoku in your favourite newspaper or magazine will do the job just as well, without you getting distracted by checking your emails or your family’s Facebook pages!

4. Eat more adventurously

Ok, so you know your tastes by now. If you still don’t like sprouts, maybe you never will – or maybe you’ve never eaten them fried up with crispy pancetta, parmesan, chilli flakes and a good squeeze of lemon juice to deglaze the pan!

Whether you’re eating out or cooking at home, why not try one new ingredient a week? Adding new flavours and ingredients could help reduce your need for meat, if you’re a carnivore, or spice up your regular veggie recipes.

And whatever new fruit, veg, meat, fish, spice or herb you try, you know you can be confident eating it even if you have dentures, thanks to Fixodent Plus Food Seal, which offers 40% more protection against food infiltration*.

5. Take more holidays

I know, we’re hard taskmasters here at Victoria. But taking weekends away doesn’t only mean having a bit more relaxing time, but also helps you discover more places you never had time to before.

And now you have a bit more freedom, those city breaks or country cottages don’t need to be based around your children’s needs before your own. So explore a new part of the country, book a flight somewhere random simply because it’s cheap, and get excited about the world again. What’s good for your mind is good for your body.

What are your New Year’s resolutions? Why not share your experiences and plans in the comment box below?

* Vs Fixodent Complete

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