The Helpful Hint Guide: Get What You Really Want This Christmas!

The Helpful Hint Guide: Get What You Really Want This Christmas!

In order to get the presents you really want this Christmas, we have created helpful hint dropping tips for you. Check out our Christmas gift-hinting guide!

Like an overcooked turkey, there’s nothing more disappointing than unwrapping your presents on Christmas morning and being forced to put on your ‘I love it’ fake smile. Time to take control and help your loved-ones to finally get it right

Remember how Santa got it right

When you were growing up, Santa always hit the jackpot with your gifts because you wrote a comprehensive list. It’s a tried and tested technique! So this year, tell loved-ones that you’re struggling for ideas, and suggest you all compile a present ‘wish-list’ for each other. They’ll be grateful for some guidance while you get to spell out exactly what you want.

Shop ’til the penny drops

Leading up to December 25th, there are plenty of opportunities to drag family and friends around the shops, so make the most of it. Point out the handbag you’ve coveted for months and spritz on your favourite perfume right next to them. They will – or should! – be making mental notes.

Flatter to receive

Dropping Christmas hints can guide a present buyer in the right direction, but be positive. If they’ve got it right before, then remind them by saying, “Remember when you booked that weekend away? My friends were so jealous!” Or steer them away from mistakes with, “Can you believe my mate got a set of knives from her husband? I’m so lucky you’d never do that.” Flattery is a powerful tool.

Appoint a Christmas gift elf

If your partner doesn’t usually respond well to subtle hints, get a friend to quietly tell him exactly what it is you want. Your stealth elf can simply make out they’re helping your other half score some major points and, afterwards, you can return the favour with your own elf mission.

Embrace social media

Use social media to flag up potential presents that catch your eye. Make gushing comments under gorgeous products on Facebook or Instagram that you’d love to find under the tree on Christmas morning, or share details about a store you adore and publically announce there’s nothing they stock that you don’t love. Worse case – you get a voucher.

Have a back-up plan

Sometimes, as hard as loved-ones try, they do get it wrong, so buy them presents you can enjoy as well. Choose a spa day, a city break or tickets to a show - making clear on the label that it's something for you to do together. Then on Boxing Day you can hit the sales and treat yourself to the gift you were really hoping for. There’s always next year!

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