How To Get Back On The Dating Scene

How To Get Back On The Dating Scene

It’s normal to feel scared when you haven’t dated for years – but love is out there if you’re ready to look for it- here’s how to get back into dating.

It’s normal to feel daunted when you haven’t dated for years – but love and companionship is out there if you’re ready to look for it

Boost your confidence
Mature people looking for love second time round are the fastest-growing group of members on dating sites, so you’re in good company. Picking a friendly-looking photo is crucial – pick one with a winning smile! That’s where Oral-B Pro-Expert toothpaste can help, as it keeps your teeth and gums healthy and strong. Get your friends to remind you of all the reasons you’re an amazing catch, so when you start dating you behave like one.

Lead a full life
Living for love and pinning all your hopes on every date can make you look desperate, but being the kind of person who’s got plenty going on and knows how to have fun is much more attractive.

Freshen up your look
Don’t make the mistake of ‘experimenting’ with fashion, now’s not the time to launch a new image; a couple of flattering new outfits, some great underwear, use a Venus razor= for smoother skin, don’t forget a chic haircut and a slick of lipstick will all make you feel confident.

Get yourself in shape
If as you’ve got older you’ve been relaxed about keeping in shape, you might find that ‘lived in’ look needs spring cleaning. Regular yoga or pilates classes are a great idea. Being fit will mean clothes hang better and wearing Always Discreet Liners will give you the flexibility to wear what you want when you want.

Keep it light
Make your first few dates a simple ‘getting to know you’ exercise, to see if there’s any chemistry. No rants about exes and no planning of holidays together. Chat, have fun, discuss your interests and get a sense of what makes your date tick. If nerves are an issue, go for a walk or see a film or go to the theatre to take the focus away from you.

Be a bit picky
Anyone who’s got a half decent dating profile can expect dates – but that won’t make them a good match! So don’t be shy about saying what matters to you in your profile. You may get fewer takers, but at least they’ll be with people you may be more in tune with.

But kiss a few frogs
Don’t be afraid to have a few speculative dates just to get yourself back in the swing of it. Meeting a few ‘wrong’ dates will make it a lot easier to recognise the ‘right’ one.

Listen to cues
Anyone dating at 50+ should pay attention to warning signs in a potential partner’s descriptions; admitting to ‘not being good at relationships’ or ‘never taking holidays’ should trigger alarm bells. So don’t tune out these cues in your keenness to be in a relationship.

Wait ’til you’re ready
If you’re getting over divorce, separation or bereavement and you find yourself dwelling on the differences between your former partner and a new one, and feel overwhelmingly nervous and uncomfortable on dates, you’re just not ready for romance and need more time to heal.

List your requirements
Not sure what you want in a relationship? You may find your priorities have changed as you have got older, so write down what really matters – and what doesn’t. This will help focus your thoughts when you start meeting the kind of charmers who seem to say all the right things, but are actually no-hopers.

Quit the comfort zone
Always gone for tall, dark and handsome? It could be time to give your ‘type’ a shake-up. Basing attraction on looks alone is short-sighted; chemistry is made up of things like humour, a twinkle in the eye, shared interests, the sound of someone’s voice and so many other intangible elements.

Don’t overshare
Don’t go for full disclosure when you meet someone; revealing the good, the bad and the ugly on your first date could have him running for the hills. Keep a little mystique during those first few dates and let transparency come over time.

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