How To Know It's The Right Time To Retire Or Change Your Way Of Working

How To Know It's The Right Time To Retire Or Change Your Way Of Working

If you answer yes to any of these questions, it may be time to start planning for retirement! Also, discover what you can do to change your working ways.

Can’t face another day of drudge, or full of ideas on how to live differently? Maybe it’s time to face the retirement dilemma. If you answer yes to any of the following questions, this could be the day to draw up a retirement plan…

Has the thrill gone?
Could be you are no longer excited about work the way you once were, or believe you’ve achieved all you can. Not sure? Think how you would feel if you were suddenly presented with a huge juicy project, a different goal or a new client – would that be an exciting prospect or a huge pain in the neck? Your answer will reveal if this is the time to retire or not.

Do you have your eye on another prize?
Maybe you long to take up pottery or screen-printing, volunteer for a charity or create a community garden. Or perhaps starting your own business is a long-held ambition. If you feel more of a pull towards your heart’s desire than your current job, you know what to do.

Do you have itchy feet?
From upping sticks and moving to the seaside, to going on your travels to see the world while you still can, being free of mortgages and kids to support means you can finally feel the sand between your feet – or even a Harley Davidson under your bum. Are the hills a-calling? Time to answer them.

Are you exhausted by the pettiness at work?
From stressing over new IT systems to bitching about the boss, or spending hours in meetings about meetings about meetings – you’ve decidedly had enough of the nonsense that colleagues and the work environment can bring into your day-to-day existence. Becoming self-employed brings all kinds of freedoms and the satisfaction of being self-sufficient, and far away from office politics. Or maybe work has had its day altogether? Time to choose – is it early retirement or a new way of working?

Have you compiled a bucket list?
If you yearn for your own motor home or find yourself counting those air miles so you can take that trip of a lifetime, you could well be ready to quit work. Ask yourself what you want to do, where you want to do it and who you want to do it with. If you already know the answers, you’re less likely to miss the daily grind – you now have more meaningful goals.

Is it time to retire?
If your job is taking more than it gives, and you have to drag yourself through each day, isn’t it time you cut yourself some slack? If you and your significant other have enough funds to support yourselves, it could be time to decide you’ve contributed enough. And relax.

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