How To Use Tech To Upgrade Your Christmas

How To Use Tech To Upgrade Your Christmas

Using tech to improve your Christmas will surely bring you joy this Christmas, from online sopping to food ideas. Let tech guide you this holiday season!

This Christmas is going to be stress-free thanks to the wonders of technology. Digitising some of your festivities will make life easier and help you have a merry old time

Grab a food delivery slot
The secret to a calm Christmas food shop is doing it online, but those coveted festive delivery slots get booked up fast. Most big supermarkets release their Christmas delivery times a month before the big day. You don’t need to do the full shop then, just add some milk and bread to secure delivery and then go back closer to the time and fill up your shopping cart.

Pinterest your recipes
Keep all your recipes in one place by creating a dedicated Pinterest board. There you can add everything from the canapés to the pudding and make sure you have it all to hand on your iPad when you start cooking.

Upgrade your list making
Digitise your Christmas shopping list with Google Sheets (linked through your Gmail account). Like an Excel spreadsheet but online, you can keep tabs on who you need to buy for, ideas, presents you’ve bought and how much you’ve spent. You can access it via an app on your phone and multiple people can use the same document at the same time.

Get a digital thermometer
The 20-minutes-per-pound rule for cooking a turkey has now been dismissed, meaning we’ve all been overcooking the bird for generations. A digital thermometer is the easiest and safest way to check when your turkey is cooked, and you’ll never risk dry meat again. As soon as it’s above 74°C, you can pour yourself a glass of Champagne and relax.

Keep track of your timings
Download a helpful kitchen app like KitchenPad Timer, which helps you keep track of the timings of everything you’re cooking on the hob and in the oven.

Track Santa
NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) tracks Santa around the globe online with a helpful app. All kids will love it (and it might help them go to bed if they know Santa is on his way).

Christmas shopping online
Keep your eye on online sales, discount codes and promotions and start your Christmas shopping early, dedicating a cupboard in your house to your organised purchases. Sites like track Amazon prices and will send you alerts when the gift you want is at its cheapest, or install PriceBlink, a Chrome extension app, which will tell you where the cheapest place to buy the item you are searching for is, and if there are any money-off coupons available from around the web.

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