Christmas Traditions To Steal From Around The World

Christmas Traditions To Steal From Around The World

Check out the beautifully unique Christmas traditions from around the globe and feel inspired this holiday season to add a bit of international influence.

Apparently two billion of us celebrate Christmas on planet Earth and with that comes heaps of ways to have fun during the most wonderful time of the year…

Tradition: Tying Yourself Up!

Where In The World? Serbia

Christmas Traditions To Steal From Around The World

Stay with us, this’ll give your grandkids hours of fun. In Serbia it’s the custom to give presents on the two Sundays before Christmas Day. On the first Sunday children tie up mum (or their grandmother). You are only freed once you’ve promised to hand out presents to the children. The next Sunday it’s the turn of granddad (or dad) to get all tied up.

Tradition: Presents In Shoes

Where In the World? Brazil and Iceland

Christmas Traditions To Steal From Around The World

The children in Brazil and Iceland receive presents in their shoes. You may want to encourage your grandkids to leave their shoes on the windowsill, like in Iceland, and overnight fill the shoes with tiny treats. One shoe per child, mind. Of course, the big present haul will still be delivered but this makes for a cute tradition.

Tradition: Christmas Eve Gloopy Fun

Where In the World? Slovakia

Christmas Traditions To Steal From Around The World

Before your Christmas Eve dinner, steal a good luck tip from the Slovakians and throw a bit of food up at the ceiling. Really. In Slovakia, a spoonful of a special dish called Loksa (made out of bread, poppy-seed filling and water) is thrown up at the ceiling by the head of the family. Years ago, the more mixture that stayed stuck up high signified a rich crop yield for the family, now it’s a sign of good fortune to come in the new year.

Tradition: Shoe Throwing For Love

Where In the World? Czech Republic

Christmas Traditions To Steal From Around The World

During Christmas Eve day, single women of the Czech Republic may be found chucking their shoes or boots over their shoulders. It’s a ritual to discover who will marry during the following year. The single woman stands with her back to the front door, then throws one of her shoes over her shoulder. If the shoe lands with the toes facing the door, best start making wedding plans. But if the shoe lands with the heel facing the front door, it’s another year of the single life.

Tradition: Piñata Paradise

Where In the World? Mexico

Christmas Traditions To Steal From Around The World

Thought piñatas were just for kids’ parties? Think again! Do as they do in Mexico and fill the piñatas with sweets and money (coins), hang it from a ceiling and let the children take it in turns to whack the piñata with a stick until it breaks.

Tradition: Almond Hunting

Where In the World? Denmark

Christmas Traditions To Steal From Around The World

At midnight on Christmas Eve, the Danish celebrate Christmas with a massive feast. A big part of this is the excitement of a special rice pudding. Hidden inside is a single almond and whoever finds it is guaranteed a lucky year. Very easy to copy – bake or buy a rice pudding, conceal an almond inside, then serve as the finale to a feast, or as a midnight treat before bed.

Tradition: A 12-course Feast

Where In the World? Poland and Ukraine

Christmas Traditions To Steal From Around The World

If you like to host a big meal this may be right up your street, a Christmas Eve 12-course meal celebrated in honour of the 12 Apostles. In Poland, the table is set with one extra seat (to represent a stranger or the Holy Spirit sharing the meal) and only begins when the first star of the night is spotted. In the Ukraine, the family’s youngest child is on duty watching through a window for an evening star to appear. However, in both these countries there is a strict 24-hour fast before the feast. Maybe that’s one part of the tradition your family may refuse to sign up to…

Tradition: Roller-Skating/Blading To Church

Where In the World? Venezuela

Christmas Traditions To Steal From Around The World

Why not astound the neighbours and convince your family to rollerskate or rollerblade to church? This is what they do in the capital of Venezuela, Caracas, every day from December 16th until Christmas Eve. Roads are closed off until 8am so people can skate safely to the morning church service.

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