Hacks to make spring cleaning feel easier

Hacks to make spring cleaning feel easier

Don’t draw up a spring-cleaning checklist before you read our advice on making the tasks easier.

Don’t draw up a spring-cleaning checklist before you read our advice on making the tasks easier

While every home needs a regular deep clean, who has the time and inclination to put in the elbow grease required? These helpful tips and tricks will make light work of your cleaning schedule and return your home to its former sparkling glory with minimal effort on your part…

Do the prep

It’s much easier to deep clean your house when it’s tidy. Set aside a day to do your spring cleaning and in the week leading up to it, tidy around as you go. Carry a basket with you and every time you go into a room or open a cupboard, pick up something that doesn’t belong there and return it to its rightful home. It will make cleaning day a much quicker operation.

Steam before you clean

Before cleaning the oven, loosen any hardened grease and burnt food by filling an oven-safe bowl with warm water and placing in the bottom of the oven. Turn the heat to high and leave for 30 minutes, letting the steam get to work.

Target limescale

If you feel as if you are always battling stubborn limescale and watermarks in your kitchen and bathroom, we have the solution. Viakal has smart water-sheeting technology, so not only does it easily remove stubborn limescale, but it will also protect your surfaces three times longer than other limescale removers, keeping things looking shiny for weeks.

Try the newspaper trick

Use up yesterday’s news by laying sheets of newspaper on the tops of your kitchen cupboards and on the shelves of food cupboards. Then when it’s time to spring clean, you just have to lift and throw away the old newspaper and start again – easy!

Grab a paintbrush

Did you know that in most homes, the computer keyboard is five times dirtier than the toilet seat? To clean it, unplug your keyboard and turn it upside down over a bin or cloth to knock out any dust and crumbs. Then gently sweep in-between the keys with an unused paintbrush. Dampen a cotton wool ball with antibacterial cleaner and swipe over the keys to kill any germs.

Just erase the dirt

Sticky fingerprints can make door frames, walls and kitchen cupboards look dingy quickly. Fortunately, Flash Magic Eraser is a master at getting greasy prints off with very little effort. Just wet the eraser sponge, and give the prints a light scrub.

Chat while you clean

That hands-free earpiece for your phone will come in handy when you’re cleaning. Put it in and phone a friend or family member you haven’t spoken to for a while, and then set to work scrubbing. The time and tasks will fly by.

What are your spring-cleaning tips? Let us know in the comments section below.

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