Stay fresh on summer drives

Stay fresh on summer drives

Summer’s the time for road trips, but with food for the journey and pets in the back, hot cars can get smelly. Our survival guide will make the trip fly by.

There’s nothing better in summer than hitting the open road. Whether you’re heading to the seaside for a Bank Holiday break or off on a longer continental jaunt, there’s a real sense of freedom knowing that you won’t get stuck in airport queues. Plus, you can bring the family dog along with you. A long road trip does have its downsides, however: as the hours pass, it can get a bit smelly in the car. But whether it’s stinky pets, strong-smelling food or just being cooped up for hours, there’s a solution to keep your car fresh and stress levels low.

1. Deal with pongy pets
If you’re travelling with a furry friend, their natural doggy smell can become a little overpowering in a confined space. So you’ll want a steady stream of fresh air with a more pleasant smell to improve the atmosphere. That’s exactly what Febreze Car Vent Clips were designed to do. They provide up to 30 days of fresh scent, enough for the longest drives and the journey back.

2. Freshen up food
On trips when you don’t have time to stop for meals, you might need to grab something on the move and chow down on sandwiches or fast food. That can leave your car full of stale food smells for hours to come. Try clipping a Febreze Car Freshener to your air vents, and your problem is solved at the touch of a button. A clever design means you can control the amount of scent and dial in more freshness right when you need it – like when your husband gets stuck into a burger.

3. Spray on spills
Spills and stains can happen to the best of us in a moving car, but they mean that those food smells will linger even longer in the upholstery if you don’t take action. Luckily, getting the interior back to peak condition doesn’t require expensive valeting. Just mop up the food with a wet wipe and then try a spray of Febreze Fabric Freshener. It uses patented odour elimination technology to neutralise smells and leave fabrics fresh like new.

4. Air out on arrival
Once you’ve made it to your destination and both humans and dogs are stretching their legs, leave the doors and boot open for a little while to let the car air out. While you do that, spray a bit of Febreze Fabric Refresher on the dog’s car blanket and anywhere else that might need a touch of freshness. That way, next time you hit the road, your car will have a welcoming scent and you can start your journey the right way.

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