Trying Something new: Sailing, Golf & Hiking!

Trying Something new: Sailing, Golf & Hiking!

Trying something new is a surefire way to get motivated to leading a fulfilling life

Tasting chocolate is great. But tasting delicious soft hazelnut praline with tingle of chilli can be even greater.
There’s never too late to develop a new skill, trying something new, or to get back to your forgotten passion. Some things seem to be difficult but soon it turns out that they are not more complicated than we thought. The truth is that we never know what we can accomplish until we try. So… let’s do that! Let’s give ourselves another reason to feel happy.

What about sailing?
This can be a perfect idea to spend some time with family or just for your private experience. Beside the fact that you can show off in your new nautical style clothes, you can learn three simple skills. You will recognize which way the wind is blowing, you will be able to steer accurately, and you can get perfect at trimming the sail on your sailboat. Having a good instructor it can take you just one afternoon to learn basics, and after few days you can shove off on your own.

Golf and roll
The first famous woman who played golf was Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland. Until 1502 golf was officially forbidden as too distracting for young people who did military exercises. To start playing golf, the easiest way is to join any golf club in your neighborhood. At nearly every golf field there are lessons for beginners. You’ll get instructions how to take a position, to keep a stick, to perform a swing as well as what are the golf’s rules and etiquette. Once you pass an exam and receive a proof that you can play golf to a certain standard, you can enjoy it all around the world.

Learn diving to discover an ancient city
One of them has been just found at Kiladha Bay, on the Peloponnese Peninsula, but who said there are not more of them. The submerged Greek city dates back approximately 4,500 years, around the same time as pyramids of Giza. According to findings, there are several buildings that can be seen amid the expansive ruins, which stretch over some 12 acres - the equivalent of around 10 football fields. There are paved surfaces that appear to be streets, as well as a wide array of pottery and stone tools… Imagine you could watch it life. Start from surfing internet to find a convenient course for you.

Go where you haven’t been. Do what you haven’t done.
Biking or hiking. Dancing or singing. Whatever you choose, a new activity will give you a slightly different perspective on everything you know. Don’t worry about getting dirty when you try new things. Luckily, we live in the world that has a lot of simple ways to remove the stains and to make clothes looking new again. We can choose from washing powders up to easy to use washing capsules. One of the latest and the simplest ones is Ariel 3in1 pods . It cleans, lifts stains and brightens your clothes. Why not to try it when you need to get back to your new passion fast.

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